Introduction to The Breakdown Of My Second Foster Care Placement

Hi, to those of you who’ve not ready the first and second post, these will explain how I got to this stage. And how the second placement was so important to me. There is also a pre-foster care post.

So this is quite an exciting post but one that’s not been updated on since 2019. The Breakdown Of My Second Foster Care Placement when I posted the last post about Carol And John. and it was very vague. And did not contain that much information.
So now I’m making the 4th post. and last post that will link into my hospitalisation and then back into care, but the different services within social services that endured after that.

Why Did these carers mean so much to me?.

Carol And John were spectacular. And amazing, caring human beings. That has really changed my life. She showed me what it’s like to live. And taught me how to love not only myself but others. But I was scared and angry. And very damaged still from past Mental Health issues and episodes. I was 9 and only trying to fix myself but dumb to the consequences. And how it would shape my childhood. I refer to “The Thing” again as it’s something I’m currently still working on and would hope to conclude and heal from soon. But they kept fighting for 4 years to get me help. But everyone has their limits and capabilities because of training. As well as having to safeguard their other foster children.

And that I’m still in touch and only recently visited them and reunited in person. Shows how committed they are to me. Even though the placement had to end, they did not want to cut the ties completely.


What was it like meeting your old foster carers?

It was more nostalgic and shock for me to see familiar places and faces. It felt like only yesterday I was walking through those front doors from a day at school. There were some minor modifications, like my old bedroom being converted into part of the kitchen! But most things had stayed the same. We spoke mainly about the past and the good times we had together. I praised carol and John a lot for their hard work and dedication and they praised me for my recovery and turning around my life. As I’ve learnt, not every care case sadly ends up a success but when one does, it’s a feeling of achievement and a rush unexplainable. especially when receiving positive feedback from them later on. so carol stating that “Your Case really made our job worthwhile” was quite a pleasure and honour to hear.

The Breakdown of my foster placement

So with my building mental health crisis, we head into the reasons for my hospitalisation Blog Post. I was so broken from trauma and anger in my past; And started lashing out at myself and my peers. I’d already discovered self harm in a few methods, including “the thing”, but now they could see it. And I was getting other people involved by jumping on my knuckles in attempts to break them. My hand had become completely swollen. My Foster Careers at this point where also dealing with my self harming at home. And other traumas and behavioural issues. And I felt I was alone and withdrawn from life, and didn’t want to be anywhere but my room. But of course I tried to fit in at school, but this just caused other issues and problems. I got bullied often and tormented. But I was considered a victim. I only keep in contact with a few people who survived that school. But when my psychiatrist finally had enough reason to believe, I was at risk to myself and others. He finally gave me the choice of if I go into hospital voluntarily or not, but you can read these in the posts I linked above.
Carol and John did amazing, but after going into hospital I was ripped away from placement and from this point on passed onto professional Care Homes Or 16+ Services. if only it didn’t take me so long to get the help I needed and deserved. But it’s not one I blame on carol or John. but a lack of resources in social services or mental health teams to allocate the help I needed.

is this the end of the foster Care blog Posts?

Not at all. But where should you go next to continue the path of my life? Well, if you’ve not already read the reasons for my hospitalisation, then I advise you do before we transition to the mental health stories and after that chapter is concluded, we can continue the stories on foster care.

A Message From Li Jean-Luc Harris

As you already know I work in 16+ Residential Care Services right now and I’ve been in care myself. But to be quite frank. I’m really not happy with the state of the Social Services. and the current organisations behind it. So I’ve used the old website domain to build a new foundation of support documentation for people in care, or suffering with Mental Health homelessness or just want some wellbeing advice. as well as providing care providers with templates of commonly used documents and reports. As well as allowing for residents to be more informed of the process behind them being in care. And how to get support they may need.