We at Looked After Child believe that if you share your care experienced story, it can make a massive impact to people’s lives in care and help people see that there is a lot more our local authorities can do to support us during and after we have left the care system


What is needed to share your care experience

We understand that this is a big ask, and that it can bring up a lot of emotions. We commend you for being interested in the process but we will be on standby to support you through the process!

  1. Feel emotionally stable enough to request and dig through your care files. If you’re currently struggling with your mental health, we suggest you come back to this idea at a later date
  2. Feel confident enough to reach out for support if needed
  3. To know that the impact you will make will be worth the short term hurt.

Support Looked After Child can give you

We are here if you need help through the process of sharing your story.

  1. We can recommend you to support groups and professionals to help you.
  2. We will be on standby to support you through the process
  3. We can help you apply for your care files.

Process of Submitting your stories

We have two formats of story telling at Looked After Child. If your willing to go through your life story we can help support you and build a chronology of events. Or you can make individualised blog posts that go in-depth into one particular moment in your life. See bellow examples:

  1. Li Jean-Luc Harris’s Chronology of events
  2. Homeless Aged 18 (Blog Post)

Chronology Format

Chronologies are very in-depth and time consuming, this will take a lot of strength and courage, but will give a full outline of your life. I recommend everyone on their first time to focuse on one “Care Subject” and use the blogging format first.  By doing this we can build up a full story of your life. Both good and bad

Blog Posts

A Blog post requires you to think about one moment while in foster care / residential placements and focuses into a certain event or moment while you was in care, or a care leaver. This dose not exclude moments of struggle after leaving the care system. But is not limited to just negative events and can be positive too.

But I’m scared to share my name?

We Do Require you to share with us your email, which needs to be contactable in case we need to validate any information regarding your story. But your Name, and username dose not need to be validated at this moment.

Limitations on sharing your story

  1. You can’t Name anyone else in your story, For example other family members
  2. You Can’t use curse words or make threats towards other people or services.
  3. All stories can be modified . But may need prior approval from the looked after child team. To make sure you comply with the rules
  4. you can remove any posts without prior approval
  5. You can only share about parts of our life, please don’t add family members stories that could be sensitive

I want to share my care experienced story

We appreciate you wanting to go through this journey with us please fill in the form below and we will get in contact with you to discuss this further.