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Looked After Child is a website and community built for both care workers and Looked After Children / Care Leavers.

from the UK. this website has articles about General Blog posts, Advice And Life stories Our Main Author is Li Jean-Luc Harris who founded the site as a brand. which spun of from his original blog where he used to write and publish his life stories. Although he wanted to build a central place that could offer advice for both Care Workers, but also Children In Care, and care leavers. As well as being able to share stories and create courses for looked after children

But we are more then just that.  Check out our Better Care Goal

Looked After Child Blog Posts and Life Stories.

Depending on what your looking for. we have many different categories and flavours of posts. Check out Blog  menu to see a list of everything we have on hand.

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Looked After Child Knowledgebase

We’ve been building a guide for Professionals and care leavers this guide is to help educate and teach people who are in care or are going into care. parents of children in care, and care workers

Need to find a care Provider?

We have started building a directory listing care providers and Local Authorities. – are you a care provider that wants to get Listed? – Contact Us Today.

Children In Care Courses

we are currently planning to release some courses that promote the independence of looked after children. this is in accordance to our  Better Care Goal these courses will tie in with local authorities and help them to gauge the level of independence a looked after child is at.

we also want to release other care courses that will help educate Looked After Children to better understand and manage their feelings and emotions, dealing with common issues in semi-independence placements, Child Exploitation and Internet Safety. are you a care provider that would like to be the first to trial these Contact Us Today.