my first public speech about growing up in care | Looked After Children Promoting Equality Of Opportunity Conference

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It's always been my dream to speak in public, but also a fear. but with persistence and a lot of courage i was able to use my not so desirable upbringing to some good use. and to help other professionals looking after Children in care. this is a story about my recent Speech and how Li Jean-Luc Harris has overcome his fear of public speaking after attending Looked After Children Promoting Equality Of Opportunity Conference @ Open Forum events Manchester

how matthew turner and kenny cole tricked me into subletting

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The Outline Of The Story and how i was tricked into subletting my mum and her partner at the time Matthew Turner where on bad books at the time but they where living apart. my sister kera had just abandoned her flat in a very untidey fashion and me and mat was living there in order to keep it clean and  restore it to the condition it once was in. (This was not to far before i was made homeless. and i was also in early stages of addiction to legal highs) eventually time came up on us and as my sister did not want to return the property was brought back under the landlords control. thankfully that same day i had been given a [...]

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