At Looked After Child Limited, we envision a world where every child in the care system is seen, heard, and valued. We believe that every story matters, and that these narratives can serve as powerful tools for education, inspiration, and change. Our vision is to create an environment where the experiences of children in care are not just acknowledged but are used to inform and improve the care system itself.

Our company was founded by Li Jean-Luc Harris, a care-experienced public speaker and Health And Social Care Professional with over five years of experience. His journey through life has been marked by significant challenges including mental health issues stemming from childhood trauma, self-harm, being sectioned under the Mental Health Act at the age of 15, homelessness and drug addiction at 18. Despite these adversities, Li has emerged with an unwavering determination to use his story as a beacon of hope for others in similar situations.

We are committed to sharing both the good and bad parts of a child’s life in care. We believe that it is through understanding these experiences that we can truly make a difference. Even after they have left the care system and started their own lives, their stories remain an integral part of our mission.

Our vision extends beyond sharing stories. We aim to train and educate professionals on how to provide better care for children in the system. We believe that by equipping professionals with knowledge and understanding about the realities faced by children in care, we can foster a more empathetic and effective approach to their work.

Furthermore, we strive to provide support and advice to young people within the care system. We understand that navigating this complex system can be daunting for many young people. Therefore, we offer mentoring services and educational courses designed to promote independence among looked after children.

At Looked After Child Limited, our vision is not just about improving the present; it’s about shaping a better future for children in care. We believe that by sharing stories, educating professionals, providing support services and promoting independence among looked after children, we can make a lasting impact on their lives.

Our vision is rooted in empathy, understanding and action. It’s about recognising the potential within every child in care and providing them with the tools they need to realise it. It’s about creating a world where every looked after child feels seen, heard and valued.

In essence, our vision is to transform lives through knowledge, support and empowerment – one child at a time.