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Looked After Child Limited

Children are not things to be molded but are people to be unfolded.

Looked After Children deserve a better outcome in life

Lets change the way Children Services operate, by offering a new approach to the care we provide to young people in the care system.

What is Looked After Child Limited

From the UK. this website shares Life Story Work, Blog Posts About Mental Health and Life Events Our Main Author is Li Jean-Luc Harris who founded the site as a brand. which spun of from his original blog where he used to write and publish his life stories. Although he wanted to build a central place that could offer advice for both Care Workers, but also Children In Care, and care leavers. As well as being able to share stories and create courses for looked after children.

But we are more then just that. Check out our Better Care Goal

Chronology / Life Story Work With Looked After Child

We Believe that every Story is Important, it not only reinforces the story that the Looked After Child has had. to show them how far they have come. but it also gives professionals so much information on how they can improve their work. you see; everyone works differently. one method dose not work for everyone so its important that we adapt and work with different methods. essentially growing a toolkit that can work for everyone

Looked After Child Life Stories

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My Life With ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) A brief timeline

By |October 21, 2021|Adhd Blog, Adhd Story, Blog, Life Story, Real Stories, story|

Disclaimer: This Blog Refers to links that are affiliated. Any affiliated links will contain *** before the link. My ADHD Diagnosis They diagnosed me with ADHD Aged 5 after being referred to a psychiatrist by my school for an assessment. This was because I was always hyperactive and disruptive in classes. And I really struggled to focus on anything other than topics i was interested in. After seeing a psychiatrist for about a few weeks, they diagnosed me with ADHD and offered medication which where accepted. Did ADHD Medication Help? In short, yes my ADHD medication helped. But it also had [...]

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New Direction. New Career. But why? and how? – From Technology to Carer

By |July 10, 2020|Employment Story, Life Story, Real Stories, story|

New Direction. New Career.  after dedicating a good 10 Years into computing and technology. last year November of 2019 I started to realize I had lost my love for what once was a passion. don't get me wrong I still love technology but not on the level I did... the company I work for needed some extra help over Christmas. so I took an opportunity to do some extra Bank - Waking Night shifts as a therapeutic  Practitioner. with hardly any training/knowledge but plenty of personal experience, I spent the first few nights studying my service users care plans. (if [...]

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Getting back into writing

By |October 30, 2018|Life Story, story|

It’s been far too long since I released a post, as explained, though I was too far focused on this idea, which is now live. You can view and contribute to BitBuddie right now. There are plenty of chances to earn from our platform but its only whist money lasts. (BitBuddie is now a dead and buried project) My previous stint of life stories kinda exhausted me, although the feedback was unlike no others. Even to this date the post still gets views and hits.... it’s just emotionally exhausting knowing that I have posted important parts of your life and [...]

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7 Years ago today, i was sectioned under the mental health act. aged 15. – My Life Stories.

By |May 1, 2019|Life Story, Mental Health Stories, story|

Every year on may 1st I take the time to remember the trauma and pain I went through on this day. i was placed into a mental health hospital. - 7 years ago today The Process of being put into the hospital can be read here. And there were so many emotions going through my head and questions to be asked. When being admitted my life was at an all-time low. I just came out as gay had mixed responses, was trying to help support friends also suffering from mental health. as well as dealing with my demons. I was [...]

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The incident at school that led to my hospitalization.

By |October 1, 2019|Foster Care Story, Life Story, Mental Health Stories, Real Stories, School Story, Self Harm Story, Social Services Story, story|

Disclosure, this post contains content relating to Self Harm / Mental Health that some people may find distressing, and relates to a true story and incident that happened to me at school while in the Ellington and Hearson school James is a fictional name for Data Protection. The lead up to the incident at school. I was 15, and after six years of hiding the first instance of self-harm (The Thing), my mental health was at its worst. Every day there was a conflict of the sort, and I was struggling in school. Both physically and mentally. Some people thought [...]

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is this what we call a mid life crisis

By |February 26, 2021|Life Story, story|

is this what we call a mid life crisis?? haha - well as you know i'm in and out of work.  this week we officially setup the new company and signed our first contract.  which secures half my income! that was a nice. but i'm stilll looking and interviewing for community care work. but with me focusing on staying back in IT it makes me wonder what is left here for our loving and caring community. What is next for us? right now i'm unsure, i always spoke about a time where i could not no longer talk about my [...]

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Coming out gay 4 times! – My Journey Escaping The Closet

By |August 1, 2019|Bullying Story, Foster Care Story, Gay Story, Life Story, Real Stories, School Story, Social Services Story, story|

Coming Out Gay 4 times! Quick Overview. Being Gay In Modern Society seems to get more tolerable in the united kingdom at least. Although this doesn't mean it's hard for the individual to escape and having to hide their true selves. In this story, I speak about the 4 times I had to come out of the closet. I know at this point you're all confused. But hang in there, read on to see My Journey Escaping The Closet. When do people discover their sexuality? it really depends. For me, it was 10, my partner later on in life when [...]

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I Went Back To Therapy With IESO Review and Actual Session logs

By |July 25, 2023|Adhd Blog, Life Story, Mental Health Blogs, Mental Health Stories, Real Stories, Self Harm Story, story, Therapy Story|

Disclosure - This is not a paid for review and was done on my own doing with no financial gain I have to admit it, even after years of having my mental health under control, I almost broke again. I; Li Harris. Still suffer with mental health. and that is OK. this is a story about my journey with seeking help and making a path of recovery thanks to Online Therapy with IESO. How did this happen In January i was promoted to Acting House Coordinator of the 16+ Semi independence placement i had been working at for the past 1 [...]

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Covid19| The 2020 Lockdown – am i mad yet?

By |September 30, 2020|Life Story, Mental Health Stories, story|

COVID19 has changed all of our lives, from being locked in. and having our freedom temporary stripped away. how has the big 2020 lockdown changed your life? - what have you learned about yourself? - and is your life quite how you thought it was before. My Life During COVID19 In This Section, I will explain what has changed in my life during the 2020 COVID19 Outbreak. from personal relationships to work and impulsive £1,000 Fish Tank Investments, £200 on herbs and spices (for cooking! xD )  :whoopsie: if your anything like me.... then your probably thinking snap!. this year [...]

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5 years ago today addmitied mental health ward

By |May 1, 2017|Life Story, Mental Health Stories, Sectioned Under The Mental Health Act Story, story|

It was 2012; a lot happened this year. My depression and stress were at its greatest, and I had come out as gay months prior I was close to giving in. The anxiety and depression got so bad I had to find a new coping strategy. My psychiatrist called a patient meeting with me and my careers. I was told my behaviour was becoming even more of a risk to myself; and others and that I had 5 minutes to decide if I was going to be a formal or non-formal patient. I Chose non-formal at first but admission up [...]

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2 Years Together – A Tribute to the Amazing Josh

By |September 27, 2019|Life Story, Real Stories, Relationship Story, story|

its that time of year again! so today me and josh are celebrating two years of being together as boyfriends. this year has had a few challenges as we learn each other boundaries but I can't thank him enough for being by my side. This year we have made many leaps, firstly for you to move in with me. secondly to get a joint mortgage together. in the around 5 months we've been living together it has not been easy, we've had to learn each other's boundaries and adapt. we've bickered a lot. but we are still going strong. on [...]

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3 years working with independence-development Ltd. (IDL)

By |April 2, 2021|Employment Story, Life Story, story|

I was desperate for a new job, and I had past ties with Independence-Development Ltd. (IDL) I first started working for Independence-Development Ltd (IDL) back in August 2017 when I was still stock-taking for OCS I had been desperately working every shift I could get but I still could not make Ends meet no matter how hard I tried. I remember calling up the director (we had past ties) and literally begging him for a job on the way back from one of my OCS shifts. “I would do anything, as long as I have a stable income. I would [...]

Knowledge Base

We’ve been building a guide for Professionals and care leavers this guide is to help educate and teach people who are in care or are going into care. parents of children in care, and care workers

Better Care Goal

Check out our approach to a better Care System (Focused towards Residential Settings)

Lets End Negative Statistics For Care Leavers

Children in care have had a rough enough start to life already with odds that are set against them, lets make sure they have the best chance at life! and put an end to negative statistics.

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