SEND – Special educational needs and disability

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What is SEND?

It stands for Special Educational Needs And disabilities and can affect a child’s or young person’s ability to learn. this can affect their:

  • Social Skills
  • Abilities to make friends
  • Reading and writing Issues.
  • Ability to understand things
  • Concentration Issues
  • Physical Abilities.

I think my child may have special educational needs

It’s important to get in contact with the school’s Or Nurseries Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator (SENCO) if your child is not in school or nursery you can contact your local council

What support is available For My Special educational needs and disability, Child or young person.

If You live in the United Kingdom, you can check the Governments SEN Support Guide Your child will also be entitled to an Educational, Health Care Plan (EHCP) which will have a strategy that all people involve in your child’s care can follow. so everyone is on the same page and pushing in the right direction.

Further Resources And Advice

  • Find your Local Authority Send Strategy. Quick Links: KCC, Medway (to make sure your child or young person receives all help available)
  • Attend and be pro-active in attending appointments and strategy meetings.
  • Get SEND Training and offer it to everyone hired and working with SEND Children and Young People

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