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Who is a local authority and where do i find mine

If your unsure who your local authority is you can use your postcode and visit the NHS Local Authority Adult Social Care services database or ask your care giver or social worker / personal advisor. Normally your local authority is set in your place of birth. if you was born in Kent but got moved to a london borough. in most cases you will remain a looked after child or adult with Kent County Council

What does the Local Authority Do?

most people who are in the care of the local authority is in most cases because the child’s parents or the people who have parental responsibilities and rights to look after the child or adult are unable to care for them, have been neglecting them or the child / adult has committed an offence. The local authority has specific responsibilities and duties towards a child who is being looked after or who has been looked after.

Duties Of The Local Authority

  • To Ensure that the persons rights are protected
  • to protect and prevent further harm and safe guarding issues
  • To make sure the persons Care is sufficient for their needs
  • to manage and oversee all Care Services and Providers in the local area

Jobs within The Local Authority and Looked After Children

Services that may be considered Local Authority Care

depending on your local authority this may vary

  • Childcare Services
  • Education Institutions with SEND Departments
  • Adoption Services
  • Fostering Services
  • Post 16 (leaving care teams)
  • Post 21 leaving care team
  • Adult Social Services
  • Semi Independent Placements


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