Looked After Child

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Looked After Child Key Topics

Looked After Child Key Topics

what it means to be a Looked after child

Definition and meaning Of a Looked After Child (LAC)

to be classified as a looked after child you would need to be in the care of the local authority for 24 hours or longer. this is also known as children in care (many children and young people prefer this term better then Looked After Child)

What is considered Local Authority Care

  • living with foster parents
  • living in a residential children’s home or
  • living in residential settings like schools or secure units.

When will i no longer be a looked after child LAC

A child stops being looked after when they are adopted, return home or turn 18. However local authorities in all the nations of the UK are required to support children leaving care at 18 until they are at least 21. This may involve them continuing to live with their foster family, or going into semi-independence Placements to help them  transition to a care leaver


What are my rights as a looked after child?

as a looked after child you have  lot of protection and legislation as well as your standard rights as a child. of course things still go wrong, if this is the case for you – please visit our Child Law Resources

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