A Message to My Father

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Message i sent to my Father 27/01/2023 honestly Father - i think we should move on and part ways, the more i study my past the more i realise that deliberate or not you have caused over 75% of my Trauma, i know you had your own trauma and i can't fault you for that, But I can fault you for causing my trauma. You've had ample chances to turn your life around but instead you drag us down with you, and all of your kids now suffer the effects of mental health. You was hospitalised last year after your mental health breaking down and had a great chance of finally getting the help you needed and rebuilding your life and finally becoming that "changed [...]

my first public speech about growing up in care | Looked After Children Promoting Equality Of Opportunity Conference

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It's always been my dream to speak in public, but also a fear. but with persistence and a lot of courage i was able to use my not so desirable upbringing to some good use. and to help other professionals looking after Children in care. this is a story about my recent Speech and how Li Jean-Luc Harris has overcome his fear of public speaking after attending Looked After Children Promoting Equality Of Opportunity Conference @ Open Forum events Manchester

2 Years Together – A Tribute to the Amazing Josh

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its that time of year again! so today me and josh are celebrating two years of being together as boyfriends. this year has had a few challenges as we learn each other boundaries but I can't thank him enough for being by my side. This year we have made many leaps, firstly for you to move in with me. secondly to get a joint mortgage together. in the around 5 months we've been living together it has not been easy, we've had to learn each other's boundaries and adapt. we've bickered a lot. but we are still going strong. on Monday we pick up the keys to our new apartment in Rochester... and we will start a new chapter together. us getting a mortgage at [...]

One Year Anniversary; Thank you for everything Josh!

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Dear Josh, thanks for making this past year amazing - it’s our one-year anniversary I Made this video in preparation of our anniversary and gathered a bunch of pictures and put them together. [Note to author to locally upload the video now] It’s not much. But I thought that with me by your side on this special day and the other gifts you’ll receive today, and that it is a very good and pleasant day. I owe you my life and love throughout our time together. And although the video is so cheesy (I’ve we watched it about 80 times) You truly mean the world to me and there is not anything that would change it. I’m sure we will have many more years together, [...]

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