From Looked After Child to the Founder of Winstar Technologies

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I've suffered with ADHD since a child, was medicated for a while but I decided to get myself removed from them, but recently I was able to get re-diagnosed and prescribed again under my own decision (and currently working on an autism diagnosis) which has allowed me to focus again and work on my new company, Winstar Technologies.

Why I Work In Health And Social Care

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Why is caring for Young People With Mental Health Is Important? Like with everyone. We all need a brilliant start to life. We all need to be nurtured and loved. And given the development and life skills, we all need to excel in life. Being on the frontline and suffering with Mental Health Myself for a good part of 10 years of my early childhood. i know first hand the drastic and upsetting truth of how neglected mental health can cause pain and misery. During our most important stages in life. Why I think I'm an asset in the Health And Social Care Industry i have a unique aspect to relate with people. Knowing first hand how my experiences affected me. From both foster care [...]

do i really want to care for people? and how can i help the industry.

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In an industry i love to pieces. And one that has had massive impact on myself I still wondered.... could i continue working in social care, could i continue looking after young people whom have had experience similar to mine. the answer will always be yes. But not because i love the system. but because i care..... the issues with health and social care. Health and social care in the UK is in shambles. at least for 16+ residential care / support. I've dealt with many local authorities from Kent and Medway. and London boroughs and there is one big issue i keep discovering and that is that money sadly will always be placed before peoples. and literally, too. if there is money woes, then [...]

My Life With ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) A brief timeline

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Disclaimer: This Blog Refers to links that are affiliated. Any affiliated links will contain *** before the link. My ADHD Diagnosis They diagnosed me with ADHD Aged 5 after being referred to a psychiatrist by my school for an assessment. This was because I was always hyperactive and disruptive in classes. And I really struggled to focus on anything other than topics i was interested in. After seeing a psychiatrist for about a few weeks, they diagnosed me with ADHD and offered medication which where accepted. Did ADHD Medication Help? In short, yes my ADHD medication helped. But it also had a lot of cons, because the ADHD Tablets prescribed to me where often made from Methylphenidate. i soon learnt that i struggled to sleep. This [...]

how matthew turner and kenny cole tricked me into subletting

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The Outline Of The Story and how i was tricked into subletting my mum and her partner at the time Matthew Turner where on bad books at the time but they where living apart. my sister kera had just abandoned her flat in a very untidey fashion and me and mat was living there in order to keep it clean and  restore it to the condition it once was in. (This was not to far before i was made homeless. and i was also in early stages of addiction to legal highs) eventually time came up on us and as my sister did not want to return the property was brought back under the landlords control. thankfully that same day i had been given a [...]

Strenghts & Weakness (06.02.19)

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I’ve been thinking lately about the things that I could work on and the things that I’m good at and I wanted to share it with you! Do we have anything in common? Five Strengths I have: 1. Always Wanting to help others! 2. Motivated To be the best version of me. 3. Working With Technology 4. Ambitious 5. Courage to tell the world my story Five Weaknesses I have: 1. I get stressed about anything and everything. 2. Professional Procrastinator 3. Social Anxiety = 4. Addictive Personality 5. I Multitask instead of focusing on the essential things first

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