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My ADHD Diagnosis

They diagnosed me with ADHD Aged 5 after being referred to a psychiatrist by my school for an assessment. This was because I was always hyperactive and disruptive in classes. And I really struggled to focus on anything other than topics i was interested in. After seeing a psychiatrist for about a few weeks, they diagnosed me with ADHD and offered medication which where accepted.

Did ADHD Medication Help?

In short, yes my ADHD medication helped. But it also had a lot of cons, because the ADHD Tablets prescribed to me where often made from Methylphenidate. i soon learnt that i struggled to sleep. This is because now i could focus…. but i lost the ability to switch off.  Causing me insomnia for many years and having to be prescribed sleeping medications and the cycle of becoming a medicated mess begins.  (Read A Medicated Mess on my blog, to find out more.)

So What is Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder? 

According to the NHS official page on ADHD ADHD effects mainly children is a behavioural condition with the exact cause still being unknown.  but symptoms include:

  1. Inattentiveness
  2. Hyperactivity and impulsiveness

They can diagnose adults with ADHD, but this normally is a struggle as most doctors see ADHD As a taboo subject and that only hyperactive little boys or girls can get.

Are you still medicated for ADHD? How does ADHD Effect you as an adult?

Great questions! let me explain in two separate headings.

Are you Still Medicated for ADHD:

No, I’ve not taken my ADHD Medication for almost 10 years. i last took my meds after coming out from hospital on a section 3. (Read -> sectioned Under the mental health act Aged 15 – a brief before and being admitted), this was because I was battling real bad with doctors who kept trying to continue to diagnose and prescribe me medication. After coming out-of-hospital I was on ADHD tablets, some for depression and anxiety, sleeping disorder tablets. the list goes on. So I said enough was enough and quit all the tablets and to get my head clear. And work out the route cause of these issues.

How Dose ADHD Effect you as an adult.

Even to this day, I identify as someone whom suffers with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. I go through massiveS phases of being highly productive or (“HyperFocused”) and then I will be dead. and unmotivated for another week or two. It’s like my batteries recharge and then I drain them clear after 24hours. 

I’m super impulsive too. at the snap of a finger I will want something and struggle if I don’t fulfil it. It’s quite exhausting to battle your head. “Oh, let’s buy this new computer / game” and then I have to convince myself that I can’t afford it. Or the money is better than elsewhere. 

Working With ADHDoers and Neurodive 

Hi, I wanted to apologise for the lack of posts over the past 6 months. I’ve been so busy. I work a new support worker role with a better company again, studying for my NVQ 3 in health and social and also I’ve been working as a contractor via FixTechNow Limited (My Company) to help ADHDoers and NeuroDive with their businesses Technology And SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) I wanted to share a new product that was launched for ADHDoers.com, they are offering a Self-Reporting ADHD booklet which can help people to get diagnosed with ADHD. it’s a 72 page booklet with questions in. it will ask you question related to the ADHD diagnosis process. And will help doctors to see that you fall in line with an ADHD diagnosis. You can checkout the product at ***ADHDoers ADHD self reporting booklet. **Edit since the original draft and this message going live FixTechNow Limited is no longer engaged with working directly or as a subcontractor to Adhdoers or neurodive but continues to support their product.