My father had told me its time to go, he dropped us at school and said we could never go back.

I didn’t realise that when you had a child. You could just give up like that. But now you can’t backtrack.

You was never in my life, but when you was my life ended up broken

the day you gave up, I felt so many emotions. You truly left me heartbroken.

My mother manged many years struggling to fight of social services, but you could not last a year.

The fact you chose your partner over us that was insincere.

I remember crying with my mum, after school. Repeating that I’m sorry for everything I’ve done.

But its too late now placement finding has already begun.

Me and my brother had two new places to call home. We was a part of the system now.

Looking back I feel like I could have done different but somehow.

I feel like you could have kept fighting, we was broken children. All with our own issues.

Now no one speaks with you. Your alone and your family don’t want anything to do with you. Lets get you some tissues.

I tried to forgive you so many times but every time I came back, there would be turmoil.

Laughing at my addictions, assaulting me. And throwing me out of your life again.

I remember the last conversation we had a year ago. I told you we had to part ways

oh I must have caused a blaze

you called me spoilt little cunt

well that was quite blunt.

The only thing you spoilt me with is trauma and a broken heart

but I bet you felt smart

hurting all your children in such a way that they are stuck in a lifetime of suffering

but now your not around I’m finally recovering


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