i wanted to let everyone know that after a very hectic, and eye opening year I’m officially walking away from Looked After Child Limited for the year. i wanted to use this message to thank everyone who has interacted with the website. we’ve hit a massive amount of milestones this year and I’m so hyped for next year! Personally I’ve achieved a lot and most of it is thanks to the work i do at Looked After Child. I wanted to list some milestones both for myself and the company and make this a yearly reflective gratitude post


My Milestones:

  • Traveled Abroad twice Beat my fear of flying (2 weeks in japan and one week in the Netherlands)
  • I’m officially cannabis free for 1 Year 6 months and after forcing myself to be in Amsterdam has made me more confident that i can make it 2 years, 6 months by next year.
  • I opened myself up too therapy after facing burn out, i never thought i would have to revisit Mental Health Services but happy that i did as i almost gave up on my career when really i just needed some true time away from work and stress. – I Went Back To Therapy With IESO Review and Actual Session logs
  • I’m now a care experienced Ambasador for the Rees Foundation!
  • I got promoted at work in January and have been improving my professional life massively in my day job

Company Milestones:

  • We’ve gone through 136 Documents of My care files and posted them online at Li Jean-Luc Harris Life Story
  • in the past year since January we’ve had 3,900 Website Sessions with 6,300 Page Views
  • we are on average getting 80 Search engin Clicks per month and this month we finally hit 100!
  • we got invited to one extra event, hosted another
  • We did a complete rebrand with Looked After Child which was received very well
  • We released a lot of accessibility options to allow diversity throughout our website viewers

Next Year:

  • we’ve already started queuing up posts starting on January 1st and we hope to have a longer streak of new chronology posts.
  • we will continue to expand our knowledge base
  • we will continue to host new events and attend events when invited to them
  • As looked after child limited is now making a small income. We hope to use this money to expand our services and reach new people.

Thanks once again to everyone who has helped and supported me this year. And in previous years. next year lets make it even better!