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There is lots I should be thankful for, and I need to reflect on the good more.

I’ve tried thanking so many people personally recently. But not everyone is contactable. This is my public thank you to the people who have made massive impact too my life.


I want to say thanks to my mum for doing her best to support all her children and trying to break out the cycle of trauma. We never made it easy. And your health condition and trauma you had was immense. But look at you now, and how strong you’ve become Working Happy and strong relationship. You prove even more then me that anything is possible. And that dispite your past. You can still achieve amazing things


I want to thank my father. Despite posting my farewell and wishing him goodbye.

You’ve helped me to be resilient and strong. Despite the trauma and abuse you gave myself and my family. We are all strong for it.

From an early age you taught me that I needed to break the cycle. And now I’m doing just that. I wanted to be anyone / anything in life but not you…

Social Services,

although you knew me from birth… it took you 10 years to save me… and if my father never gave me up…. Would i have ever had the opertunities I do now….

I appreciate and thank you for the work you did to help me while I was on a full care order. But lots of my childhood and trauma could have been prevented. I know as a professional in childcare myself there is lots of hoops to go through to get someone into the system… but the evidence outweighs you.

Dr. Bertrand  Nairac

I want to thank  your soo crazy yourself. But you had a way with my family and put up with us for 10+ years. But you allowed us to be ourselves. My only regret is you didn’t section me sooner… and maybe explored other routes instead of suppressing my emotions on medication for 10 years of my childhood. It’s sad that we spent the whole time without trying other forms of therapy. And that you didn’t explore written therapy with me. Although i see from your records you proactively cared for me their was so much more that could have been done that was out of your reach.

Irene wood

you was always my IRO (independent reviewing officer) I never appreciated your job role, or the work you did for me. You stuck by me and fought for my rights and best interests. in the background. Thank you for being so consistent, when social workers left me you was still there.

Carol and John Thompson (2nd Foster care placement)

taught me how to love and be compassionate and did everything in their powers to make me see the light. But I was hurting so bad and fighting so many mental battles with myself. I wanted to talk to you, I wanted to open up. But at the time I just didn’t know how.

I’m sorry that my situation caused you so much stress and despair but I thank you for working with me until they terminated my placement with you to find me “a more suitable placement for my needs” the sad thing was. I found my voice in the hospital. And I had so much to tell you still.

Thank you for showing me what a normal family looks like. And supporting me even to this day. You deserve a medal for the work you have done and for what you did for me is more then you can ever realise

you truly inspired me to do what I’m doing right now

Dr Oliver Sindall

The First Psychologist to introduce a new form of therapy; Written Therapy even to this day is so helpful to me. it allowed me to finally reach out and express my emotions. your initiative to offer me that pen and paper transformed my life and abilities to move on and seek medical treatment. without your inputs and determination I may have never found the help I needed.

Kent and Medway adolescence Hospital Mental Health Team

Lots of names i can call out but the whole team was amazing. as you can see in my Clinical notes I had so many amazing staff members who supported me to overcome my issues  they truly are a hardworking team and have a true ambition to make a difference to young adults suffering with Mental Health Related Issues

Dr Michael Olydemi

What Can I Say…. apart from thank you. thank you for supporting me both as a service user and professional you rescued me from another encounter of homelessness and gave me a massive opportunity to come work for your organisation in the IT / Admin Department. which lead me to move into support worker roles. as a service user you also gave me lots of time and supported me with continuing issues. i only spent a year with you as a service user and i regret ever leaving your Semi-Independence Placement, but we all have to find our paths some how. but thank you for continuing to support me. even now I’m not even a employee or service user. your dedication to your role and work really shows. your support not only helped me develop better understanding of emotions but taught me how to speak more freely about them.

Support workers at independence development Ltd

You was a continuous pleasure all three of you Abdula, Marlon And Charles both supported me on a day to day basis and taught me how to cook, clean and look after myself. they promoted my independence and confidence and helped me find Part Time Volunteer work and supported me into going to college. out of all the residential placemences i had been in; yours was the one i remember and find most joy reminiscing about

Open Forums Events

this company, made me realise my story can reach and help more then just individuals who’ve been in the care system but also professionals. they have invited me twice to speak to an audience of care professionals and mental health professionals in Manchester. which has developed the brand into a business and allowed me to communicate and network with others in the industry and lead to other training opportunities for Looked After Child. thank you for reaching out and allowing me to speak. We’re always happy to come again anytime! :) 

Joshua Evans

My Love, and my life partner, my friend.  it feels like decades I’ve known you. but I’m so glad your part of my life.  thank you for being part of my life and for putting up with my ways. you’ve shaped me to become a person I could never have been without you being around.  thank you for inspiring change, and building my confidence. as well as allowing me to experience life in ways i could never have thought I would of been able to. you truly are the best think i could have asked to happen in my life. and I’m glad I waited for you to come around and into it.  my loyalty and love will always be here for you.

The Viewers Of Looked After Child Limited

Everyone who reads the website, comments or engages with us. either via email, social media or the comments section. and even just people who read and leave the website makes a massive impact to my motivation with posting stuff to the website. I also want to thank the charities and organisations and individuals who book me onto training sessions. as i can reach and engage with so many other new people and become more confident speaking to an audience as I am sharing via the website.