I was desperate for a new job, and I had past ties with Independence-Development Ltd. (IDL)

I first started working for Independence-Development Ltd (IDL) back in August 2017 when I was still stock-taking for OCS I had been desperately working every shift I could get but I still could not make Ends meet no matter how hard I tried. I remember calling up the director (we had past ties) and literally begging him for a job on the way back from one of my OCS shifts. “I would do anything, as long as I have a stable income. I would even scrub your toilets,” the Director being as nice as he was. Looking at the circumstances, too. He took me into an interview. I lived in margate. and I would work in Gravesend. it was quite a step up, but I was committed to this job. And I’m glad I Was. You Can Find out more about the company on their website.

Interviewed for Independence-development Ltd

For the rest of this blog. I will refer to Independence-development as IDL, a common abbreviation to those who worked there.

Interviewing with IDL for a waking night practitioner role; I turned up with high hopes! And I left with even high hopes. We met in the office and we went through the normal care related questions, scenario based questions to show your knowledge level. Especially considering I was a new starter in the Health And Social care industry. I went home after the interview and got a phone call the next day how did it plan it?

Getting the Job but not as a carer….

Instead, I started working for Independence development ltd. doing IT and Admin support, my tasks where dealing with GDPR within the IT side of the business. Setting up finger print clock in systems, managing and developing a remote Backup System. and Supporting Staff with IT Related issues. As well as other administrative tasks like archiving and data access requests. I had done this for 2 Years and 8months but I was tiring of the role. It became more focused at the administrative side while IT Support wasn’t always needed.

The First Month Working For IDL

So you didn’t know I had applied for the role of Waaking Night Therapeutic Practitioner for a company based in Medway and Gravesend. So far I’ve been working up in their head office learning the ways of the role and gaining experience and training….

So 4 weeks in what do I think and what have I been up too?

I’m a hard worker, and I’ve been doing my best to make headway with the training. I completed seven of fifteen courses that will give me basic knowledge for going forward into this role as Waking Night Practitioner. Even after these have finished though, there’s one more course on Health And Social Care so you can be sure all bases are covered!

I’m working right now on multiple things… Like Building and implementing an Electronic Archiving System And Referencing the files. Organising Archives, Making Phone Calls And typing HR Related Documents And Mainly…. I’m Errand Boy!

So That it, I’m a step further and hopefully I will soon be in the care environment. And helping to help young people become independent and stable, allowing them to fulfil life at its most!

But most of all, thanks to everyone who helped me get into this Job:

Hayden Irwin,

Peter Cook,

Maggie At Oxfam Rochester,

And IDL’s Recruitment Team!

The transition to care work.

Some time working for Independence-development ltd. I changed role. After speaking with the director, Dr Michael Kie’th Olyedemi, he agreed that a new role would be good to me. As I’ve always wanted to contribute back to the Care System and foster myself. Dr Michael Olydemi had agreed I would do better in a care based role. And I started working as a Bank waking Night Practitioner while still doing a few days in the office. During this period I learned a lot about myself, and my desire to care. At this point I had realised that caring could be a career of mine. Not just a job. And this excited me. After working for 3 months as a bank worker. I was ready to change in two days. Mainly because it was affecting my family and home life. And it was not fair on my partner Joshua Evans. as well as I want for having more environment with the care of the service users.
check out Independence-developments CQC Ratings

My Biggest Struggle At Independence-Development Ltd

Bellow I will show my dedication to the job. And my will power in any situation. I hold a level of care and dedication not seen by many in the industry.

In my last work placement I was looking after a young person who had underlying mental health issues and was a frequent self-harmer who was on 1-1 Eyesight 24/7 unless in their room. Which then would change to 5min-observations checkups. on my checkup the service user had tried to ligature themselves with a bit of string from their tracksuit bottoms.

(thankfully our office was nearby) I shouted to my colleague to get the scissors and to come and assist. I had to struggle with the service user, unable to get the scissors to cut through, and at one point I called my colleague to call the ambulance. While they were on the phone, I cut it loose and I then sat there by the door making sure they were okay and recover like normal. (There was a multi-agency agreement out that stated we could not have an ambulance on site unless it was life threatening.)

Once myself and the ambulance team on the phone agreed they were now okay and that we just needed to change our plan temporarily to 1-1 eyesight in their room. That night I got a lot of abuse, and the service user kept saying that they would repeatedly self harm until the ambulance had to be called out. Thankfully, they never did.

so why did I leave Independence development ltd?

I loved the job, but simply come I was given a better offer. I took a risk on a startup business that one of my friends was running. And I felt like the time for a new challenge was now. Sadly, this job went tits up… and I had to find a new place to work… I’ve gone back to care after all. Sadly, not with the company that sparked my inspiration for care, but I’m sure in the future. Who knows what will happen.