Training Sessions

Looked after child has provided training sessions for a number of organizations sharing reflective life stories, and training sessions for Professionals Working in Health And Social Care

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  • Stories That Matter

Get Your Staff thinking

one of our speakers will share their life story with you and make your staff think and conclude ways that will better help that person. (30 – 60min Sessions)

  • Reflective Stories

Day Training

We will Dive deep into one of our authors chronologies and have them tell you what worked and didn’t work, your staff and our speaker will explore better options and key warning points. as well as explore possible alternative ways to approach the situation.

3 – 6 Hours Sessions

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  • Short But, to the point.

Is your Service User Facing a particular issue?

we can cover in short sessions pinpointed support and guidance to your team, our speakers have lived expirences in Mental Health, Homelessness, Drug Addictions, Self Harm and general Lived care Expirences as well as professional backgrounds In Health And Social Care

  • Supporting the Looked After Child

Sometimes, we just need a glimmer of light

Looked After Child Provides Mentoring Services for Children in care. sometimes knowing that you’re not alone. and that someone else has got out of similar situations is enough to help put Children in care back on the right path.

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We Are Here to Promote a better care system

We are more then just a website that shares personal stories about peoples recovery from Mental Health, Foster Care, Addiction and Homelessness.

We Train Your Staff

We Bring Light to Looked After Children

We Advocate For Change

Get In Touch to find out how we can help your Team or Looked After Child.