Disclaimer although back when I worked as a StockTaker it was for the asset solutions department of OCS, OCS split into the company Retail Asset Solutions. I’ve not worked directly with Retail Asset Solutions but I know sources from inside the company that still do. and they confirm that this data is still correct and may help others applying for this role in future ( click here for Further Information on the OCS to RAS Split;) Acurate on the date of publication

I’ve just received my training course for Merchandising At OCS Retail Solutions

I’ve been applying for a lot of jobs lately, and I was excited to find out OCS had contacted me about an opportunity with their company. I used to work at OCS As A Stock taker it was when I just turned 18 and it was one of my first jobs. Now I’m looking to take another g (2017), With the company. But this time with a unique role as a Merchandiser. They have offered me my training, which I’m doing now. And later I will get offered work…. its only a zero contract hour job but it will help my current Financial difficulties and who knows? Maybe I’ll find a lifetime career with them this time :) I’m still keeping my eyes out for Employment opportunities that are full time.

3 Months Working Part Time For OCS

Working for OCS again has been a wonderful way to get myself back on my feet. And out of debt! I’ve finally had the time and resources needed to expand on video ideas. And create 9 new android apps (previews coming soon), release a new theme with more in store, as well as learning how to drive within 2-3 months. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when your mind is freed up from financial worries!

Final Verdict Being A Stocktaker For OCS Retail Asset Solutions / Retail Asset Solutions

Retail Asset Solutions has a huge range of clients from Tescos, And B&Q being there biggest clients and the main ones I wish to talk about.

So what is it like to work for Retail Asset Solutions? Well the average month of a stock taker in the South East Region of RAS are looking to get between 15 to 20 shifts per month in peak seasons and would be lucky to get 5 shifts around Christmas. in most cases you will be collected by a local RAS Driver and driven to whatever store your counting. now you would think that they would match people in the south-east region but no, they don’t its a common case to find yourself on a 5-hour drive to Southend or Dorset. which adds 10 hours of unpaid travelling for the counters.  your bus team 75% of the time are great company everyone suffers and knows the drill… we do our best to joke around and motivate each other.

So whats a shift like with Retail Asset Solutions?

It depends. management is where it’s a letdown and the inconsistency of shifts. for example one day I could start a shift at 4 am finish at 12 pm and be on another shift that same day for 8 pm. and this was a common occurrence. breaks were under the discretion of the team leader and shifts could go over 12 hours on a frequent base.

Whats Progression Like  For Retail Asset Solutions?

Very small chance of progression. I had seen counters of over 15 years experience never being given an opportunity as they were too good of a counter… also if you don’t drive or can’t attend shifts on your own forget about it…

is Ocs A Job Or a career (Find out the difference Click Jobs Vs Career)

if you want to make a career out of OCS don’t be a good counter get a drivers licence and friendly with the managers but for most people who get stuck as a stocktaker sadly stay there.

Wan’t to find out more about my expireance at OCS? – i’ve just received my training course for Merchandising At OCS Retail Solutions and 3 Months Working Part Time For OCS