It’s been far too long since I released a post, as explained, though I was too far focused on this idea, which is now live. You can view and contribute to BitBuddie right now. There are plenty of chances to earn from our platform but its only whist money lasts. (BitBuddie is now a dead and buried project)

My previous stint of life stories kinda exhausted me, although the feedback was unlike no others. Even to this date the post still gets views and hits…. it’s just emotionally exhausting knowing that I have posted important parts of your life and story. But I do it for a reason. I enjoy knowing I’m making a positive outlook on people. And to allow them to take my experiences and find some comfort knowing they are not alone, or even better they find wisdom in the post and it helps them in a more positive way.

I do hope and plan to be more active and able to share more stories soon :)