is this what we call a mid life crisis?? haha – well as you know i’m in and out of work.  this week we officially setup the new company and signed our first contract.  which secures half my income! that was a nice. but i’m stilll looking and interviewing for community care work. but with me focusing on staying back in IT it makes me wonder what is left here for our loving and caring community.

What is next for us?

right now i’m unsure, i always spoke about a time where i could not no longer talk about my own issues, i’ve been at this wall for whole of 2020! and its creeping into 21! not only was the blog something i really wanted to do and i’m glad to have started. i got to a threashold. and because of this had to step back. i’m working and keeping positive just on a slightly less income (thank god we saved so much in 2020??) so i can stagger myself out. and of course josh is still working thankully.


some expectations for post pandemic ?

  • this blog will be excluded to my own personal blog removing any other page. and then yes people i’m being serious. we will be welcoming back. will be a personal blog only. will include a list of projects, social media, biography. and employment related information
  • to remain as a blog only. this will give me a choice to “Switch Off” the personal side. in life these public stuff can be held against you. i doubt i would use it. i like being open


So what else can provide people.

  1. My Previous Life Stories and Events
  2. Other people’s life stories.
  3. Mental Health Well-being and advice
  4. Just me xD i will still write.