its been ages since i posted here, sorry about that my personal / work life has been all up and over the place. i think i’ve only just came to conclusion with what is going on myself.

I left my job at Independence-Development-ltd back in december to take on a new it job for a best friend of mine, and it was going very well. but i decided until work picks up i’m going to do some part time work (head back to care) or as i’m doing right now is starting a company again. found my first paying monthly contract and closed that which helps and secures half of my expensises so i just got to find that part time job to keep me afloat as i started this new project.

hell of a bad time to start a new company :rofl: 2020 Lockdown Dose not help either
But you lot all know i will figure it out soon.
let me know if you know of any care work within Kent And Maidstone areas.

i hope to get my fingers out soon and work on the next stage of the blog, i’m still mainly done with the life stories persay but i wan’t to look further into mental heath, what causes it? and is there any other way’s to maintain / better the lives of people suffering with mental healh. i really got to focuse on income though, income is power esepcially with Joblessness in the UK Surging