COVID19 has changed all of our lives, from being locked in. and having our freedom temporary stripped away. how has the big 2020 lockdown changed your life? – what have you learned about yourself? – and is your life quite how you thought it was before.

My Life During COVID19

In This Section, I will explain what has changed in my life during the 2020 COVID19 Outbreak. from personal relationships to work and impulsive £1,000 Fish Tank Investments, £200 on herbs and spices (for cooking! xD )  :whoopsie:

if your anything like me…. then your probably thinking snap!.

this year has been crazy. what a wasted year. my debt has gone sky high from impulsive purchases from new fish, to a new fish tank. and all sorts of other fancy technology like this Chromebook I’m drafting this message upon. so financially this year has been hell. I’ve slipped down the money pit of credit.

I and josh have had a great time learning each others bad habits and what irritates us both the most. and pushing each other to the limit. I’m still working and travelling due to my work as a carer but josh has been indoors for almost 6 months straight. and this caused some real issues early days josh is now getting out a lot more, thankfully. :)
COVID has also caused some issues with my work. some weeks working a good 60+ hours a week. and sometimes being away from home and josh for 3 days straight. so as you can imagine being a key worker in these times have been hard. but everything has resolved now and I’m back to working normal hours.

apart from that and all the new regulations coming in and out, not seeing family or friends often PPE and constant hand sanitizing. and waiting in a queue to go into the corner shop. life as we know it has 100% changed and my head certainly has been affected by it.  but I keep pushing forward.

I’m still trying to get back into blogging. it’s hard to get my head back in that space again. at the time I was stress-free and able to dip in and out of memories without it grinding me down. hopefully once COVID is over i can get back into gear.


hope everyone is well. and keeping sane xD and thank you for reading this blog post