New Direction. New Career. 

after dedicating a good 10 Years into computing and technology. last year November of 2019 I started to realize I had lost my love for what once was a passion. don’t get me wrong I still love technology but not on the level I did… the company I work for needed some extra help over Christmas. so I took an opportunity to do some extra Bank – Waking Night shifts as a therapeutic  Practitioner. with hardly any training/knowledge but plenty of personal experience, I spent the first few nights studying my service users care plans. (if I’m gonna do this job I better get it right.)


I loved every moment of the work I did. and continued until January which was when I had a chat with my boss. I explained that I wanted to transfer.. the boss wanted to know why and I explained that not only did I have personal experiences to some of our current service users that I thought could benefit the company but, I also wanted to progress into some sort of mental health work and fostering. the boss was hesitant but allowed me to adjust my workflow I was now primarily a Full-time career and part-time IT Support. until March when my IT Contract was terminated due to changes in the organisation.



I’ve always been thankful for the professionals in my life from Foster Carers, to residential workers. mental health nurses, psychiatrists and psychologists. I owe my life to them, they helped shape me to become the person I am. and I feel my story and experiences. with training could help others.

Thanks for reading today’s blog post. incase you were unaware I am no longer bogging myself down to monthly schedules, I blog when I feel the need too. this was as I burned myself out with the last blog sprint, with all the deadlines and pressure I gave myself.

Hope your keeping safe during the lockdown, my next post digs into the lifestyle changes I’ve made during this pandemic and how I’ve managed to keep afloat.
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