Research The Company Your Getting Interviewed For.

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One of the most asked questions in an interview from my experience is “What Do You Know About “X” Company. in the past i have tried to bodge up a response that has worked but very rarely. the best approach to this question in my eyes is to research and record basic information from your Job Description / Job Advertisement including roles and responsibilities and hit the internet for the other half and research your Potential Employer.

(data i like to include:

  • Company Finances (Companies House, Stock Market)
  • Sectors (What services / products are offered)
  • CEO’s, President, VP’s in the organisation
  • Anything else that is Relates to your role.)

The reason why companies seem to ask this is because there is an overgrowing demand for jobs. and not everyone is dedicated to put in any effort.  this simple question filters out people who have gone the extra mile to get to know the job and company they are applying for.

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