Sadly, a lot of my life I’ve spent medicated both legally and illegally to calm me down or blank my brain to save my head from wandering. Causing me to become a medicated mess, this prompted me to make quite a few bad and silly choices in my life. including drug addictions to Legal Highs

The Story

It all started when I was Five Years Old my school referred me to a service called CAMS (Child and Adolescence Mental Health Services) this was initially as they suspected I was suffering from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder)

Shortly after they diagnosed me with ADHD And Prescribed Ritalin or “methylphenidate hcl” although this allowed me to concentrate there were two main issues, like being zoned out. And the other is I stated struggling to sleep.

Of course, as a psychiatrist would; being paid by Big Pharma to offload their drugs at crazy high prices. I then got diagnosed with Insomnia and Prescribed with another medication called melatonin, but things only stared here.

they kept on prescribing me new drugs

Of course, as a psychiatrist would; being paid by Big Pharma to offload their drugs at crazy high prices. Someone then diagnosed me with Insomnia and off-loaded with another medication called melatonin, but things only stared here.

I got on with my life pretty fine without an incident until I was 9. there was a significant family incident that happened and “the thing” happened which changed my life. That’s when my sleeping patterns hit the roof again. And for the first time, mental health had become an issue of concern.

My sleep pattern was so bad they had prescribed a new drug… Risperidone this drug was to knock me out as after the incident I was not sleeping at all, in fact, I was passing out. From exhaustion very often… Risperidone, although it’s not its original use, certainly helped me fix my pattern, and I was on this for six months.

later on that year I then got removed by social services from my family home and got placed with a foster family

for many years later I then got prescribed on three different drugs for ADHD, Insomnia and Depression/Anxiety addicted and spiralling out of control I was a medicated mess

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Finally on April 30th, they pulled me into the CAMHS Centre In St. Peters For one of the last times. They presented me with my long-serving psychiatrist Dr Bertrand Laurence Nairac gave me a life-changing choice… and within 5 minutes I was now aware of my fate. I was now waiting for a bed to free up at an adolescent mental health hospital. (Read More -> sectioned Under the mental health act Aged 15 a brief before and the process of being admitted)

I spent three months in the hospital; I received therapy and being put back on risperidone for the time I was there.

after I got discharged aged 15, I made a massive decision in my life to withdraw from all medication it had been ten years that I was on these drugs and it was time for a change.

The Conclusion

The conclusion is that although sometimes medication is excellent for people, but in my case medication was the devil; it caused many imbalances in my brain. Uppers Downers the lot… no wonder I was a medicated mess when the stupid doctors where shovelling pills down my throat and in reality all it did was numb my brain…

I somewhat blame this for my illegal drug and alcohol use later on in my life. it’s the only way I know how to cope with these thoughts and feelings, but this has got way better over the years as I mature in life.

After coming of Prescribed medication I had issues for the first 3 – 4 months readjusting and withdrawing from all those drugs… but after that, I was a different person. I was some.

Thanks for taking your time to read through this edition of My Life Stories. I spent a lot of time re-reading and proofreading this post. I understand that it’s still far from perfect, but I’m spending a lot of time trying to perfect my spellings grammar and punctuation.