First, this is a new idea thanks for taking an interest in reading this article, Hopefully in the months to come. I can learn to talk and explain how my life was growing up / growing up gay, but help others going through the same/similar experiences.

I was ten years old when I first realised that my interest in men went beyond curiosity. It happened at a temporary care placement with another guy.

but things where not that simple

I remember being so confused back then. Not knowing what to feel or how to handle myself about this new discovery. The only thing on my mind was if anyone else felt the same way as I did because no one seemed like they could relate other than adults who were already out as gay themselves – which left me feeling all alone.

It was a complex thought if I’m honest because they brought me up only knowing that a man could be with a woman; unless you had already had openly gay members of a family, or your school had openly discussed it. Out of shame and uncertainty, I hid in the closet (didn’t tell anyone I was gay) for another 5 years, before trusting a few friends and expressing myself more.

But one thing I regret and still am disgusted about… during my years “Discovering myself”

Is the few girlfriends I had during this stage. Some of which I was very decisive and not accurate. I never wanted to hurt anyone but feel as if I did. Between ages 13 – 15 I attempted to come out – Growing Up Gay – Coming out story. But each one I backed out of until February The 9th 2012 7:30 PM when I finally ended the secrecy.

Thanks once again for reading this article about growing up gay. I hope you like the change and my more careful reviewing process of publishing these posts. If this post gets enough interest, then the next one will be more about my coming out experience and how everyone reacted to it.

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