In an industry i love to pieces. And one that has had massive impact on myself I still wondered…. could i continue working in social care, could i continue looking after young people whom have had experience similar to mine. the answer will always be yes. But not because i love the system. but because i care…..

the issues with health and social care.

Health and social care in the UK is in shambles. at least for 16+ residential care / support. I’ve dealt with many local authorities from Kent and Medway. and London boroughs and there is one big issue i keep discovering and that is that money sadly will always be placed before peoples. and literally, too. if there is money woes, then people’s lives get mismanaged for a small saving to the local authorities (or sometimes moving people to places that would negatively affect their lives compared to the cost of living in one area or service provider.)


How can i help the industry. And what are my aims to change the health and social care industry.

I’ve got two step forward on how i’m going to plan to help change the industry but first i need to help myself. I’m going to be studying Residential Childcare NVQ Level 3. to help open up new doors in front of me. This will allow me to be more qualified in helping younger people but also to understand regulations better. i would then like to foster and / or open up my own 16+ residential service and to tackle the government directly on their policy’s that cause even more pain to the countries young and most vulnerable. as well as offshoring of money and profiteering of an industry that is supposed to be about our own people. 


New to this website?

i would like to introduce myself as Li Jean-Luc Harris, i write stories from my own childhood and post them for self-reflection and to inspire others. check out my Foster care stories  or Mental Health Stories to learn more about my journey in the beginning of my life. and how this has inspired me to take a career in health and social care