The Outline Of The Story and how i was tricked into subletting

my mum and her partner at the time Matthew Turner where on bad books at the time but they where living apart. my sister kera had just abandoned her flat in a very untidey fashion and me and mat was living there in order to keep it clean and  restore it to the condition it once was in. (This was not to far before i was made homeless. and i was also in early stages of addiction to legal highs) eventually time came up on us and as my sister did not want to return the property was brought back under the landlords control. thankfully that same day i had been given a backdated DLA Claim which matthew was very aware about but i could not of ever prodicted what would have happened next…. i certainly didn’t expect to be tricked into subletting by someone i trusted so much Kenny cole and Matthew Turner i will never forget you for your joint efforts

Searching for a new property

i spent the whole day searching with matthew for a landlord that would accept us. although we had the deposit to hand they really wanted a garunter. which i found annoying considering i was also working at the same time. but of course this is how landlords become certain of there long term commitments with a tennant. so after this long search i went back to my mums for the night. at the time matthew and my mum where married but not currently living together. but during the evening i got a call from matthew saying he had found a landlord called “Steve” and if i paid a £400 Deposit i was ready to move in that day!. Later on we find the true identity of steve. but at the time i never knew the route i was heading down….

Living in the property

the property was really nice but a lot of things did not add up, repairs… no contracts everything got very suspicious and although matthew was living with me at the time he was hardly around to be seen. and everyone was so shady in the area….
i was paying my rent like normal £400/month which was very reasonable to the man called steve. but as each month past i was getting very concerened

The Knock at my door……..

someone knocked at the door…. it was a friend of the relative that was supposed to be living there. and i guy conceling a samari sword. i was interogatedby the woman and man, asking questions about how i got in. what im doing and also informing me i was Subletting. i kept telling them that i had been paying this landlord called Steve and they was really confused saying it should have been Captin, and im like Captin who? and then i herd the name. Kenny Cole.  and everything became clear….. thankfully both the lady and the man was understanding after a while even offering me out for a drink… but i told them no as i was packing my stuff and getting ready to leave.

The Outcome

after staying there around 4months i was down over £1000…. i had been left threatened and bitrayed. not only by Matthew turner someone who was supposed to be part of my family but also by the c**t of a Kenny Cole.  see there is a reason when i herd that name things become clear and i will explain shortly below. i called my mum to confirm the worst sending photos and texts. i was left shaken and in tears and my mum was understandingly distraught. i made arrangements over that night to get my stuff removed. i had family and friends of family come and move my stuff whiste i stayed there one last night… i still can’t belive i let both Kenny Cole, and Matthew Turner tricking me into subletting

Who Is Kenny Cole AKA: Captin? what was his part in tricking me into subletting

Kenny Cole (Thanet) is known in my local area of thanet for many things. scamming, alledged abuse. theaft and much more. when i was told who he was i instantly clicked because although i’ve never met him my family have had issues with him in the past. after doing so much research into him and tracking him in the months to come i learnt how much of a dishonest unloyal man he is. so what did he do with the money he stole of me and many others.  spend it on his cocaine addiction of course. i understand addictions come with problems but instead of getting help for himself like me and many others have to. he’s too stuck up to face the truth. Kenny if you see this. you still owe me £1,000 get in touch i’m certain i was not the only one to get tricked into subletting

Who Is Matthew Turner what was his part in tricking me into subletting?

Matthew Turner (thanet) was my mums husband at the time. and he was the biggest perp into the setup of me getting tricked into subletting he had his own issues as always but generally was considered a nice guy until this incident.
Mat, you said you would treat us like your own. you said you would look after my mum. but over the years you did nothing but bring us grief.  im happy you have a new partner. and your moving on in life but we will never let you down for what you did And if your reading this Matthew, hurry the fuck up and sign those devorce pappers.


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