I’ve been thinking lately about the things that I could work on and the things that I’m good at and I wanted to share it with you! Do we have anything in common?

Five Strengths I have:
1. Always Wanting to help others!🤗
2. Motivated To be the best version of me.👍📈💯
3. Working With Technology 📱📠🖥🖨
4. Ambitious🏆🥇
5. Courage to tell the world my story 😁

Five Weaknesses I have:
1. I get stressed about anything and everything. 👎😑
2. Professional Procrastinator 😞
3. Social Anxiety 📞📲👥 = 🚫
4. Addictive Personality 😟
5. I Multitask instead of focusing on the essential things first 🗯🔀