My Second Foster Care Placement – Moving in / the first day

it was October and the last day of term before Halloween. and once I got out I had a week to finally move in with Carol and John. I didn’t know what to expect but it couldn’t be as bad as moving in with Sally; my first foster care placement.  (Learn More By My First Foster Placement) after finishing the appointment, I was taken to the GP. this was not just a general visit but an update on an ongoing medical issue with a groin infection caused by a mixture of issues. and “The Thing”. after an unsuccessful attempt of trying to get an examination, I was taken back to my new home!

after the rather intrusive beginning, I got home I don’t remember doing too much.  I was just relieved to be out of Sally’s care.  I socialized with the other children as well as Carol and John. had a meal and packed my stuff into my new room.

Living With Carol And John

I moved in with the same bags that I brought with me carrying what possessions I had still owned from over the years. when I moved in there were two older foster children. I got on rather well with them both. the eldest I didn’t see much of but I remember talking a lot and playing video games with the younger one of the two. both these placements didn’t last the entirety of the time I was placed there. and after a year and a half, two younger siblings moved in.

I trusted Carol and the first few months went by. but I still had a lot of issues and problems that needed dealing with. my emotions were unstable. and my mind never at rest. worst of all was the solitude and isolation I put myself through whilst feeding my addiction to computers and the internet. in fact this is a quote from one of my, in fact, social services review plans “Li Spends all his time on his computer. it’s so hard to get him to engage in a social environment. if he could, he would spend his life on the computer. living in a fantasy world”.

but they were not in the wrong to have a concern.

I Was A Complicated Child.


I brought many challenges for Carol as I was growing up into a young adult, I was known to have stolen Food items from the carol and to have trust and anxiety issues. Hated All Social Situations mainly because I was battling my own demons and had the worst track record in school for causing issues, but Carol kept trying and pushing me to get all the support and care I needed. no matter what.

School while in foster care.

one of our biggest issues and complications apart from my mental health was school. I had a track record of fights, missing classes. getting excluded and even theft of a laptop and hacking computers. but my biggest issue was the lack of support I had there – or the fact I didn’t feel like anyone understood me. this is why my home and school life was like living two lives.

My Mental health. While in foster care

at the time when I first moved in my mental health had not hit its worst. it was only just developing and starting to spiral. this was due to a mixture of me going through changes physically as well as dealing with ongoing battles in my head due to a traumatic past life. carol was very patient with me  and supportive throughout my care with them

Thanks for reading this edition of My Life Stories, within the Foster Care category. this post is shorter than past ones, the issue with this subject is it was a 4 year (close to 5) Placement that I hold close to me. Carol and John where great influences in my life. I was very lucky to have been placed with them for the time I was. this post may seem to show only negatives but I wish to go into some stories and events more in detail in the future.  just got to word it correctly. apparently from my grammar and word processing software, there may be some issues with sentence lengths, and consecutive use of the same word. as well as passive writing which is somewhat hard to avoid right now haha.  I apologize if it was hard for you to read.

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