Every year on may 1st I take the time to remember the trauma and pain I went through on this day. i was placed into a mental health hospital. – 7 years ago today The Process of being put into the hospital can be read here. And there were so many emotions going through my head and questions to be asked.

When being admitted my life was at an all-time low. I just came out as gay had mixed responses, was trying to help support friends also suffering from mental health. as well as dealing with my demons. I was a sinking ship that’s burning, And I never even thought I would survive the next seven years of my life. let alone do the fantastic things and opportunities I’ve had.

I still remember the broken self I was. The emotions, fears and demons that had grown inside of me got too much for me to handle. and that’s when an intervention was taken place by all the professionals dealing with me and my case at the time. 

as always I want to thank the following people in no particular order:

  • Carol And John Thompson (for the 4+ Years of support and for helping build me into the person i have become today)
  • Dr Bertrand Nairac (For the 10 Year Commitment you made to my family and me, the most patience and highly intelligent Psychiatrist I’ve ever dealt with.)
  • Friends and family (For your continued love, support and reassurance)
  • The Hospital, The Staff and the patients. (for helping me recover)
  • The “Friends” who ditched me. (i lost lots, and I mean lots of friends after going into hospital. but I want to say thank you <3, you more than everyone deserves the thanks because you taught me a valuable lesson in life.)

Mental health, it’s not something to be ashamed of. We all have in our own ways a dormancy of mental health ready to plague our lives. And through this blog, I aim at not only motivating myself. And anyone else who has been through the same or similar events. As well as professionals and families who know someone suffering. So please feel free to reach out to me.

Thanks for reading this post, I’ve made a few posts about this in the past. I like to revisit on this anniversary. 5 Year Post. or all other mental health-related posts click here