an overview of Being A Victim At School

At school, I was bullied from primary on to secondary school. In this blog, I wanted to overview some of the stories I have to share regarding this. And some of the traumatic and distressing times I suffered in school as well as how I finally got this to end. But first, let’s give you an overview of why I was always targeted for bullying and abuse.

The Overview

There are many reasons why people were bullied at school. Mine is typical in many cases. I was bullied because I could not stick up for myself, was not very sociable or “academically challenged”, I was bullied for my looks and for being “gay” (although at this time I wasn’t even out) I was also bullied for being awkward and different in many ways.

Primary School

For most of Primary school, I was not very sociable and very reserved. I struggled with many subjects and making friends. I only remember having one real friend (who I no longer speak with :/) bullying would vary from verbal, to emotional and even physical violence. It left me very withdrawn, and I never liked to take part in activities. Although at this time I am unable to recite any events that happened in primary as I’m still struggling with repressed memories from post-foster care.

Secondary school

Secondary school is what I remember as being hell. But if I’m honest my poor social skills did not help me out at all :(; I got into fights often. Was removed from classes and even given detentions. Year 7 was a massive learning curve. I made many mistakes which left memories

Explanations of bullying I received
  1. Bullying for being gay: (Both Post Coming out  and after) which did not bother me too much past the age of 14 as I was ready to come out just undecided on the way,  but it aided beforehand on my identity issues and caused me to be very reserved into who I would talk to about it. And kept me from coming out publicly for a very long time.
  2. Physical Abuse: I got beaten, spat at on multiple occasions during school. Some of it I agree was preventable if I kept my mouth shut others completely unprovoked.
  3. Verbal abuse: people bullied me for all sorts of things verbally. Stupid, retarded, ugly, gay, clothing, looks, being in care, past actions and so much more.
  4. Emotional Abuse: at school, I was left feeling humiliated by both peers, and teachers by the way they treated me and comments that where made. I was rejected by peers all the time, and this would leave me being isolated or disengaged from group tasks.
Long-Lasting Effects Of Bullying

Bullying destroyed my confidence and caused me to be always anxious and on high alert, when was I next going to get a kicking? Who was going to humiliate me next? I turned to self-destructive behaviours self-harm, would not take action on work as was scared to be bullied for my intelligence. I started bullying other people towards the end as an escape something to this day I still hate knowing. But I had so much anger passed on by others hate towards me. Isolation and bottling up my emotions. This all stemmed from my past events as well as increasing issues within the school.

Thanks For Reading this Post:

I’ve got lots of stories regarding school and bullying, and I will be expanding upon this very soon. I appreciate you reading this story as always. The next step is to write some more stories regarding actual events that took place during school and incidents of bullying. I would love to be able to support more people and even advocate on the effecs of mental health

if you’re interested in reading some more stories regarding my mental health struggles

Was you ever a victim of bullying in school?, i would love to hear your story. Let me know in the comments section below.