Whist I was homeless, I was approached by two of my mum’s friends who had started an all one Business Support Services. He was looking for someone to help them with IT, and an apprentice in project management. I first met them in their offices. I was still homeless at this point, but that didn’t put them off. I told them my ambitions, my skills and they saw value in me. But at that point in time, I was not capable of joining. I was promised that once I had cleaned myself up and was no longer homeless and on legal highs, I could come back. And I would be welcome to start a placement with them.

1 Month Later

I had finally got myself into emergency accommodation, and I was off the streets. I had also begun to clean myself up and started the process of withdrawing from the legal highs. (that’s another story for another time.) But I was finally ready to turn back up to there office. And see if the offer was still in needs of fulfilment and to my happiness it was. :) so the new adventure started.

Working at Alpha Core International

Working for Alpha core on an everyday base was exciting and wild. But positive. We did a mixture of things from supporting in leaflet drops to sales and marketing. i worked hands-on with Local Pubs, security firms and cleaners.  We made websites for clients and outsourced printing in massive quantities, as well as telemarketing, business directory and much more. it truly was a one-stop solution to all your business needs. Some of my most rememberable times where when we went out on outings to networking meetings which although I struggled massively helped me to get out my shell and speak with others, as well as listening and meeting with other when we went out on outings to networking meetings which although I struggled massively helped me to get out my shell and speak with others, as well as listening and meeting with other intellectual people. Some of which I’m still in contact with now. I also enjoyed meeting up with clients and helping them develop as well as outsourcing future clients.

Photo Taken By Dr Peter Cook. – Returning from Fruitworks Networking Meeting In Canterbury

But My Employment Was Limited; I resigned after 2 Months.

Although I loved working with both Phillip Cutler and Peter Cook, I decided to resign. During my period at alpha core international. I was not being paid as the company was not making much money and was only surviving as a startup. I also made a few investments. But sadly I did not see any opportunities of the company growing we were losing more then we were making. And no matter how many hours we would work in the day we sadly could not get this to change.(Statements where concluded From my own personal Assesment of the company)  after leaving though I found out, we were so close to securing my own personal Apprentice Loan… but these are the risks we made.

whist the company was out, and I was in a meeting I made a move to leave my resignation letter. pack my belongings and left the office with my keys left behind. I was very critical and judgemental something I truly regret. But at the time I needed to go and focus on my own projects. And move on to something new.

Pros & Cons

sadly to my regret the company did close its doors eight months after I left :(, but I thought I would highlight what I liked and disliked about the company.

  • Motivating Staff, and clients
  • Lots of tasks to complete
  • always meeting new people.
  • Contribution towards building  a company from the ground upwards
  • Volunteer work
  • a degree of uncertainty

Special Thanks

Just want to say thanks to both Peter And Phillip. For reigniting my ambition when I was at rock bottom. God knows where my employment situation would have been without that kick start. You opened my eyes up and gave me the tools to grow as a person. It was great working for you and even better now we are back in communication.