When I was 13 or 14 not precisely sure I was in school and interested in technology. when it struck to me of the idea of building a desktop computer that didn’t have to be plugged in. At first, I thought it would work well with infrared. This was scrapped almost instantly as it did not transfer enough power to keep the computer running. Instead, I opted in the design for Bluetooth principles for mice, keyboards and speakers etc.

after lots of research I found out about ElectroMagnetic Waves, and this was perfect for transfering electric from one device to another.

Image Sourced from slidesharecdn.com/ An Example of how electromagnetic coils work to power a mobile device Sourced from Alibaba

using the same principles as mobile devices being charged via mobile devices I started to script up the design concepts and information.

Sadly I was only basing it on current technology and had no idea if it could work in real life. But I was determined and had the documents ready. for submission in a week or so and applied for the patents.

Sadly upon reciving the results, the patent was declined. under the grounds of it being too advanced for the time. And because I had no real understanding, or team to prove the theory could work…

Guess who owns the patent now? – http://witricity.com/

thanks for reading this post, its completely differnet to any other story i’ve included but i wanted to show you lot something new and more inspiring for once :) be sure to check out some other technology related posts :)