I Broke my collarbone Aged 10 and funny enough the only time to date that I’ve broken/fractured a bone.

I was a cocky got the night before I was trampolining and was doing front flips etc with no issues at all

The day after I was going to school, and I said to my Foster Carer Sally, I had never broken a bone. But whilst in school, I was sprinting and my arm clicked. the next thing I know is I had massive sharp pain going through my body. And I couldn’t walk or breathe because of the pain and position of the break.

It was very odd to how this happened. But the doctors at QEQM (Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital) Said it must have been an airline fracture caused by the trampolining the previous night.

After 3 weeks of pain and a lot of struggling, I went to the doctors for a check-up. my collar bone had still not healed, and I was told I had a week if my collarbone didn’t heal I would need an op to pin it down.

Thankfully 3 days later I could walk and move my arm around I was so thankful as I was not wanting to go through the Operation.

This post was inspired and re-uploaded from an old archived blog. I posted on the 11/6/2015 – original post from a non-public archive.

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