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Hi, My Name is Li Jean-Luc Harris and I am the founder of Looked After Child. I'm a care experienced person, who shares my real life stories about Mental Health, Being in foster care, addiction and homelessness growing up. and sharing everything I've overcome since then. I currently work as a support worker for Semi-Independence "Leaving Care" Placements as well as studying Residential Childcare Level 4. I'm also available as a motivational speaker and have already spoken at events for care professionals and mental health professionals promoting better care and mental health to young adults. View my Life Story
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Working For Alpha Core International | My Life Stories

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Whist I was homeless, I was approached by two of my mum's friends who had started an all one Business Support Services. He was looking for someone to help them with IT, and an apprentice in project management. I first met them in their offices. I was still homeless at this point, but that didn't put them off. I told them my ambitions, my skills and they saw value in me. But at that point in time, I was not capable of joining. I was promised that once I had cleaned myself up and was no longer homeless and on legal highs, I could come back. And I would be welcome to start a placement with them. 1 Month Later I had finally got myself [...]

Strenghts & Weakness (06.02.19)

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I’ve been thinking lately about the things that I could work on and the things that I’m good at and I wanted to share it with you! Do we have anything in common? Five Strengths I have: 1. Always Wanting to help others! 2. Motivated To be the best version of me. 3. Working With Technology 4. Ambitious 5. Courage to tell the world my story Five Weaknesses I have: 1. I get stressed about anything and everything. 2. Professional Procrastinator 3. Social Anxiety = 4. Addictive Personality 5. I Multitask instead of focusing on the essential things first

Trying To Patent A Wireless Computer (With ElectroMagnetic Waves Or Inferred) Aged 13/14 but failing

By |2023-03-08T18:40:40+00:00January 21, 2019|Life Story, Projects Story, story|

When I was 13 or 14 not precisely sure I was in school and interested in technology. when it struck to me of the idea of building a desktop computer that didn't have to be plugged in. At first, I thought it would work well with infrared. This was scrapped almost instantly as it did not transfer enough power to keep the computer running. Instead, I opted in the design for Bluetooth principles for mice, keyboards and speakers etc. after lots of research I found out about ElectroMagnetic Waves, and this was perfect for transfering electric from one device to another. Image Sourced from slidesharecdn.com/ An Example of how electromagnetic coils work to power a mobile device Sourced from Alibaba using [...]

Happy Birthday, I’m 22

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Its that time of year again I've Leveled Up IRL  the clocks have turned and another year has passed by. being 22 is no different from 21 apart from the fact no one really cares about your birthdays between 21 -29 and by the time your 30 your not excited anymore.   and how did my day go? I was with Josh I most likely will be drinking..... and spending time with the family It's also payday :D But the truth is...... I prewrote this post and scheduled it on the 19/11/2018 at 14:42 ;) peace.

Working as a StockTaker For Retail & Asset Solutions RAS (Formerly Known As OCS) | Life Stories 006

By |2023-03-08T18:44:18+00:00November 18, 2018|Employment Story, Life Story, story|

So whats a shift like with Retail Asset Solutions? It depends. management is where it's a letdown and the inconsistency of shifts. for example one day I could start a shift at 4 am finish at 12 pm and be on another shift that same day for 8 pm. and this was a common occurrence. breaks were under the discretion of the team leader and shifts could go over 12 hours on a frequent base. Whats Progression Like  For Retail Asset Solutions? Very small chance of progression. I had seen counters of over 15 years experience never being given an opportunity as they were too good of a counter... also if you don't drive or can't attend shifts on your own forget about it... is Ocs A Job Or a career (Find out the difference Click Jobs Vs Career) if you want to make a career out of OCS don't be a good counter get a drivers licence and friendly with the managers but for most people who get stuck as a stocktaker sadly stay there.

Getting back into writing

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It’s been far too long since I released a post, as explained, though I was too far focused on this idea, which is now live. You can view and contribute to BitBuddie right now. There are plenty of chances to earn from our platform but its only whist money lasts. (BitBuddie is now a dead and buried project) My previous stint of life stories kinda exhausted me, although the feedback was unlike no others. Even to this date the post still gets views and hits.... it’s just emotionally exhausting knowing that I have posted important parts of your life and story. But I do it for a reason. I enjoy knowing I’m making a positive outlook on people. And to allow them to take my [...]

One Year Anniversary; Thank you for everything Josh!

By |2023-03-08T18:37:49+00:00September 27, 2018|Life Story, Relationship Story, story|

Dear Josh, thanks for making this past year amazing - it’s our one-year anniversary I Made this video in preparation of our anniversary and gathered a bunch of pictures and put them together. [Note to author to locally upload the video now] It’s not much. But I thought that with me by your side on this special day and the other gifts you’ll receive today, and that it is a very good and pleasant day. I owe you my life and love throughout our time together. And although the video is so cheesy (I’ve we watched it about 80 times) You truly mean the world to me and there is not anything that would change it. I’m sure we will have many more years together, [...]

Broke my collarbone Aged 10 | Life Stories 005

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I Broke my collarbone Aged 10 and funny enough the only time to date that I’ve broken/fractured a bone. I was a cocky got the night before I was trampolining and was doing front flips etc with no issues at all The day after I was going to school, and I said to my Foster Carer Sally, I had never broken a bone. But whilst in school, I was sprinting and my arm clicked. the next thing I know is I had massive sharp pain going through my body. And I couldn’t walk or breathe because of the pain and position of the break. It was very odd to how this happened. But the doctors at QEQM (Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital) Said it [...]

Life Has Been interesting recently

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It’s always good when life has been interesting. It’s better than the same old here and there. I’m currently looking at new opportunities to grow this blog. And my professional career, and I am unsure of how to balance it all out. Another issue is once again. How does one deal with marketing on a blog that covers everything? I’ve been sharing my posts in the right area, but once that post has died out boom, all traffic has gone. For An Example; with the homeless section blue = being homeless 1/3 and being homeless 2/3 is greenT Apart from that, everything else about life is going outstandingly, me and Josh are doing well. And I have a two-week break coming up starting on the 17th [...]

My Life Stories 002| A Medicated Mess

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Sadly, a lot of my life I’ve spent medicated both legally and illegally to calm me down or blank my brain to save my head from wandering. Causing me to become a medicated mess, this prompted me to make quite a few bad and silly choices in my life. including drug addictions to Legal Highs The Story It all started when I was Five Years Old my school referred me to a service called CAMS (Child and Adolescence Mental Health Services) this was initially as they suspected I was suffering from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder) ADHD Image Copied From http://www.educationalneuroscience.org.uk/resources/neuromyth-or-neurofact/is-adhd-on-the-rise-in-uk-schools/ Shortly after they diagnosed me with ADHD And Prescribed Ritalin or “methylphenidate hcl” although this allowed me to concentrate there were two main issues, [...]

My Life Stories 001| Growing Up Gay

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But one thing I regret and still am disgusted about… during my years “Discovering myself” is the few girlfriends I had during this stage. Some of which I was very decisive and not accurate. I never wanted to hurt anyone but feel as if I did. Between ages 13 – 15 I made 3 attempts to come out to my family. But each one I backed out of until February The 9th 2012 7:30 PM when I finally ended the secrecy. Attempts to come out

5 years ago today addmitied mental health ward

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It was 2012; a lot happened this year. My depression and stress were at its greatest, and I had come out as gay months prior I was close to giving in. The anxiety and depression got so bad I had to find a new coping strategy. My psychiatrist called a patient meeting with me and my careers. I was told my behaviour was becoming even more of a risk to myself; and others and that I had 5 minutes to decide if I was going to be a formal or non-formal patient. I Chose non-formal at first but admission up getting put on section two and three before being released three months later. So I’ve announced this story many times before but as it’s the [...]

I’ve just received my training course for Merchandising At OCS Retail Solutions

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So i used to work at OCS As A Stock taker it was when i just turned 18 and it was one of my first jobs. now i'm looking to take another go with the company but this time with a different role. I've been offered my training which i'm in the process of doing and then i will start getting offered work.... its only a zero contract hour job but it will help my current Financial difficulties and who knows? maybe i'll find a lifetime career with them this time :)  I'm still keeping my eyes out for Employment opportunities that are full time

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