Looked After Child Limited, a leading online resource for children in care and their caregivers, is thrilled to announce the launch of several new website features designed to enhance user engagement and accessibility.

In our ongoing commitment to making our content as accessible as possible, we are excited to introduce audio versions of selected posts. This innovative feature transforms written content into an audio format, allowing users to listen to articles rather than read them. This not only caters to those with visual impairments but also provides an alternative way for all users to consume our content. An example of this feature can be found at https://lookedafterchild.com/knowledgebase/misper/.

In addition, we are delighted to announce that these text-to-speech audio versions will soon be available on popular platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Podcast, Google Podcast, and Apple Podcast. This strategic move aims to diversify our viewership and extend our reach, ensuring that our valuable content is accessible to a wider audience.

We are also introducing a ‘Random Post’ feature on our website. By clicking on the ‘Random’ tab in the menu, users can discover new content from Looked After Child Limited. This exciting feature adds an element of surprise and encourages exploration of our extensive knowledge base.

At Looked After Child Limited, we believe in continuous improvement. We are committed to enhancing our website’s accessibility and engagement levels regularly. As part of this commitment, we will be releasing new content and features often.

We value the feedback of our users and encourage suggestions on how we can further improve the website. Your input is crucial in helping us create a more engaging and accessible platform for everyone.

About Looked After Child Limited:

Looked After Child Limited is a dedicated online platform providing resources and support for children in care and their caregivers. Our mission is to empower these individuals through knowledge sharing and community building.

For more information about Looked After Child Limited or any of the new features mentioned above, please visit https://lookedafterchild.com/contact-us