Misper – Missing Persons Report

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A MISPER is short for Missing persons. when a person goes missing we would follow a procedure
When curfew arrives and the resident is not in the home. We should try to contact them to see where they are. if they are staying out the residential placement, has it been allowed by the local authority?

Misper (Missing Persons Report) Procedures in Health And Social Care

If its been authorised you do not need to report it to the police or local authority. as long as you can confirm they are at the address and you have a responsible adults number (unless aged over 18) they refer to this as Authorised Leave

if its unauthorised leave and you know where they are. You would report this to the local authority only.

if you don’t know where they are then you need to call the police and create a MISPER Report. make sure you document the Crime Reference Number. you would then call the local authority out of hours and report them missing too handing over the crime reference number and giving all required information.

Most organisations will have their own internal MISPER report they will need to fill out. documenting whom they’ve contacted. Which agencies are involved? When they were last contacted, or any contact that has happened prior to misper report. make sure you check your organisations MISPER Policy And Procedures

When the Resident returns its important to close any open MISPER Report cases with the police and local authorities.

What is a Misper Sitrep (Mising Person Situation Report)?

A Misper Sitrep is an important document used by law enforcement and other relevant authorities to keep track of the details of a missing person case. The report includes information such as the missing person’s personal details, last known whereabouts, physical description, and any other relevant details that may help in locating them.

The purpose of a Misper Sitrep is to provide a comprehensive overview of the situation and help coordinate the search effort. It helps to ensure that all relevant information is gathered, analyzed and shared effectively between different agencies and organizations involved in the search. The report is usually updated regularly as new information becomes available and is used to guide the search effort and allocate resources accordingly.

The Misper Sitrep is an important tool in any missing person investigation and is critical in ensuring the safety and well-being of the missing person.

I’ve filed a Misper (missing persons report) What Next?

Once you’ve filed your missing persons report and contacted the local authority or social worker, is now time to wait. What can i expect during this process?

  1. The police will contact you, they will most likely want to do a home visit and check their bedroom to see if they can identify any telltale signs that the person has planned to go missing, they will also conduct a further more in-depth Missing Persons Questionnaire
  2. The Police will go off site. There will be an Search / look out for the Looked After Child who has gone missing.
  3.  Keep trying to contact the missing child. 
  4. Your Childs Placing Local Authority will try to contact you. they will draft in more resources and communicate with the Police. 
  5. HopHopefully,efully your child will return within 24hours and in most case this is true.

My Looked After Child has been missing for longer than 24 hours

We understand how challenging and worrying it can be at this stage. Many thoughts run through our heads. These children have gone through so much and are, in most cases, vulnerable to exploitation. They will probably refer your case to the dedicated Police missing persons team (UK Missing Persons Unit). This specialty team will provide the best resources on finding your children. And working with other police departments, including Checking Known Country Lines connections. and tracking down the child’s movements and steps before going missing to see if they can identify if they have been involved in exploitation or have been hurt / abducted in their last known movements.

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