Authorised Leave

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Authorised Leave means:

that your local Authority knows your staying away from your placement, and agree that it is safe to do so.  

Home / Background Checks Required.

  • social workers normally will want to conduct a police check to make sure you are not barred from caring  on your DBS Checks or have any other criminal activities or risks. these will normaly need to done on all adults and children who stay overnight.
  • they will asses, and do a home visit of our house to make sure i meets requirement and is safe

Procedures When Reporting An Authorised Leave

  • when filing a Person under Authorised Leave, it is important that your first try and reach the young person. and reconfirm the place they are staying at. and that they are still okay to stay there tonight. as long as we get a response from the resident, and the responsible adult is able to be reached for emergencies. then no Misper report is needed. and you will only need to report it to OOH out of hours to inform the local authority that the resident will be staying away from placement

Definition of Authorised Leave:

authorised leave means leave, or an absence, whether paid or unpaid, that is authorised….

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