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Any illness or hospitalisations since the last review yes, if yes, details

Li continues to have health issues nocturnal enuresis, Redacted by author “Th Thing” unpleasant odour. He has been seen by health professionals for appointments related to this. Since last review Li has refused to be seen by any health professionals regarding the issues raised above. Carol has tried to reason with Li on this however he is adamant in his decision. Update: This continues to be an issue for Li and recently his self harm began to escalate, where Li would wake up in a pool of blood and asked children at school to
smash his hand with chairs etc as to break it. Li was admitted to Woodlands Adolescent Unit on the 1st May 2012 and remains here. Li voluntarily admitted himself initially, but then had to be sectioned as tried to discharge. In the prior to the CPA Meeting, Li’s section was removed and he remains in their care on a voluntary basis.

Highlight any other outstanding health/developmental needs/issues not referred to above and whether any changes are needed to thek current health arrangements

Issues raised above.
Carol remains being paid a professional fee as Li’s carers. This will be reviewed after the next CPA in June when the future care plan is considered once more.

Have there been any changes in school/nursery since last review? |
If yes, details including date of change

Li is currently in Woodlands in Staplehurst, this means that Li is not being Currently schooled by Ellington and Hereson School. The following arrangements regarding future plans in terms of exams is as follow:RE exam on the 31 st of May, can be deferred to next year and either go for half or full GCSE. Deferring. DT till next year, and he will have 2days intensive learning to complete this.

Number of school days missed this academic year Highlight child/young person’s achievements in school since last review (both academic and non academic achievements)

Li continues to do well in Geography, History and DT.
Li is doing well in Science, Music and Photography. When discussing interests further
with Li when he puts his mind to things he is a very creative person, just lacks the
motivation to explore this further.
Li is good at ICT and enjoys using the computer. He has a strength in this area and it
is important that this is perused so that this can help Li to develop his skills.
Update: Li has been engaging well in activities and schooling within Woodlands. Li
feels he needs more stimulating as he often becomes bored.

Highlight any concerns or outstanding issues regarding child/young person’s education, learning, language and social development and whether there need to be any changes to the current arrangements for chlld/young person

Li talks of Bin Laden and blowing up important building relating to American security. There was concern of this been terrorism like behaviour but it is clear that there is no religious, political or belief led views and more the actual act of blowing things up. This
has been discussed with Kent Police following the school raising an alert. Alamgir Sheriya from Kent Police is meeting with Li 18.04.2012 to discuss the above issues as he is currently apart of a new programme working with young people like Li to look at their focus or interests in radicalism and put this focus toward something positive. Lie for e.g producing a computer game, being apart of focus groups etc. Li is currently proving difficult to engage, however it is hoped that he will take this as a great opportunity. Update: This is no longer of concern and the police are not involved. Li has a lot on his plate and needs space to focus on his well-being. Concerns previously raised are now being addressed and explored in Woodland

Where appropriate, has lifestory work been completed?
if no, when will this be done and by whom?

Li is starting to question his past and is aware that I would need to do this work with him. He is resistant to this as wants to complete on his own but is too vulnerable at this time.

Comment on quality of the attachment between child/young person and carers

Li appears to have a very stable, positive and good relationship with Carol and John Thomson. However there are times when Li will test the boundaries and has recently said to Carol such comments as “well I will leave this placement then”. I have worked with Carol so that she understands this is Li’s way of communicating he is angry or upset and that it is not possible as these comments have surprised and upset Carol. Other then this it is fantastic that Li has been with Carol as long as he has and this
evidences that Li’s relationship with his carers is good. Often Li communicates better when things are humoured. Carol has a great sense of humour and often Li is laughing with her.

Highlight any other changes/issues regarding emotional/behavioural

Li talk of Bin Laden has become much more which has caused concern for the school particularly

Summary of Review Discussion

Did everyone receive a copy of the last Looked After Children Review minutes? yes

Has the IRO met with the child/young person prior to the review? Brief summary of issues discussed.
Li met with the IRO before meetingk
What is the child and young person’s understanding of their Care Plan?
Li Harris understands that he is staying at Verona House until a foster placement is identified He is concerned that he is falling behind with his school work If appropriate, have arrangements been made for an independent person to speak on behalf of the child/young person? He had seen a solicitor previously to appeal the decision about detention under the MHA. He had not wanted an advocate for today.


Record which decisions have not been acted upon and why?

  1.  Li to leave hospital on 31st July 2012-achieved the following week
  2.  These minutes should be read in conjunction with hospital minutes.- achieved
  3.  Jacky Cador to be informed about the above care plan- ongoing
  4. COAS and care plan to be updated within 35 days- not achieved
  5. Verona house to receive 2 Weeks medication on discharge- achieved
  6. Dr Garatt to write to Dr Roux and new GP, Dr Bryan at Herne Bay. LA also to receive a copy of the discharge letter- not discussed but Social Worker needs to check this
  7. Lac health assessment is due. This should be undertaken by paediatrician in order to ensure that Redacted by author our “the thing” follow up is prioritised.- referral done but no appointment offered yet
  8. Placement plan to be held within a week. Li seems keen to go to the caravan and attend the gym.- achieved
  9. Li was encouraged to complete his stay in a positive way so that it did not end badly.- achieved
  10. Li to attend ultra sound appointment on 07/08- not achieved and a further appointment has been offered in October 2012


Li has moved to Verona House where he seems ok. He does not want to se his former foster carers although this was offered to him.

SOCIAL WORK INTERVENTIONS SINCE THE LAST REVIEW: Are the frequency of visits meeting statutory requirements and the needs of the
child/young person? Yes


Is the care plan/pathway plan based on an up to date assessment which identifies the child’s needs and takes into consideration their will need to inform the planning for move back to foster care. Other assessments undertaken? The Woodland report will inform the LA assessment and be forwarded to Verona House. The IRO has not seen this


Does the care plan meet the needs of the child? Yes
Does the care plan meet the needs for permanency?
Does the Placement Plan address all the child’s needs within the Placement yes
Does the Health Action Plan address all the child’s Health needs? The IRO has not read the latest report that was completed on 22/09/11 and has not seen a report from the Redacted by author “The Thing” appointment.

Does the PEP address all the child’s educational needs?  held on 13/07/12
Is there an agreed contact plan which meets the needs of the child? Needs to be followed up following discussion today.
Is there an appropriate contingency plan? There is not a clear care plan yet
Identify where the child’s needs are not being met and if there is any delay? Are all the Pledge commitments for the child being provided? Yes and Li has been going to the gym as membership is funded on a monthly basis.
If Some or No please state what actions are being taken to meet those not being met


Identify any changes, services or actions needed to meet the child’s needs:
Placement- Stacey Mackleton attended today and was very complimentary about Li describing him as an “absolute pleasure, a real asset to this house.” She said that he is a very caring person who does not get involved with other resident’s issues but seems to go with the flow. There have been no incidents, as he is polite and respectful. He is allowed to go out unsupervised and he has been going to the library and gym. Verona have supplied monthly gym membership that will be repeated as he is making good use of the pass. Li is happy here and knows that it is temporary and hopes to get a foster placement in Thanet.
Health- Li ihas been a psychiatric inpatient and his needs have been assessed. He still bed wets sporadically. He attended his Redacted by author “The Thing” appointment with Dr Reddy the summer that was a major step forward but did not go for the follow up ultra sound appointment. The reason given was that it was too early and another appointment has been made for October. Li said that he was happy to go. The health assessment is overdue but a referral has been made. This needs to be addressed given the complexity of Li’s needs and to be incorporated into the plan.
Redacted by author “The Thing”.

Last dentist appointment was July 2011 and Li will be due at optician in January 2013. Li today said that he had missed a dental appointment and was due to overcare have a filling to a front tooth. This needs to be organised as a matter of urgency. Li has seen Dr Nairac since discharge and requested a trial without medication. He sequently decided that he wanted to remain taking it and is prescribed equasym 40 mg and sertraline 50mg each morning. Stacey reported that he is very reliable in taking it and reminds staff- they work together..
Li has a lot of confidence in his psychiatrist and Dr Nairac has decided to keep him as a patient rather than transfer him to Canterbury. His next appointment is in October
2012.. Emotional and Behavioural. Li has seen Oliver, the psychologist on 10 occasions when in hospital . Oliver recommended continuing psychological intervention but this was not discussed today. The view of the IRO is that as this is a temporary placement these supports need to be built into the next stage of the planning. There were old scratch marks visible on Li’s arms but no concerns were raised today. Li says that he finds the gym very helpful. He has also enjoyed going to the caravan in Hastings where he has been in the club house. Social Worke/r said that Li has made progress but it is early days. Li said that he had not been sleeping very well over the last few days so staff will keep an eye on this.
Education-Li starts year 11 in September 2012. A PEP and AER was undertaken on 13th July. The view at the last review was that an immediate return to main steam school would not be appropriate and Verona house has its own small unit. Jo will be aking the matter to JRAP was said last time.. Li has seen a tutor, Maurice once last week and is due to receive some work from Eliington and Hereson School. Li hopes to achieve a C grade in design graphics, music and photography. He wants to do well in English and maths too. He is worried that he is already “so far Behind.” And is aware that there will be a professionals meeting next week. He wanted to be present but was advised that it was not appropriate. The IRO suggested that he write down his views for the meeting..
Contact Li has been seeing his mother, sisters and older brother  on Saturday, spending time at the family home, it came to light today that mother is getting married this Saturday to . Katriona a previous worker has done a crb check and Li said that there were issues but at this time he was no longer her partner. This needs to be checked urgently as Li plans to spend all Saturday at the wedding. According to Li Matt used to drink heavily but no longer does. Social Worker will need to speak with mother to clarify arrangements. Brothr is also invited and Li knows that they struggle to get on at times. Li has a suit for the occasion and is really looking forward to it .

Have the views of the Child/young person, parents, other significant adults, carers,
and other professionals been taken into consideration? Yes

Li remains subject of a care order
Other issues
Li wants more free time and an extra hour was agreed today by social worker he has been so reliable to date.
Li will be 16 in November so transfer to sixteen plus should be considered. Jo Jarvis Jones and social worker feels that it will be important to delay this transition in light of all the other changes and developments . The IRO would support this plan. Li said that he will leave the decisions to social worker but he is aware of the sixteen plus service as his older brother, is living in supported lodgings. The general view last time was that Li had benefited from his time in hospital and the emphasis now was on sustaining the changes that have been made