After a lot of fear had built up inside of me after My First Foster carers Sally and Peter denied my sexuality and 3 more attempts after this, which i later redacted due to fear of rejection Li Jean-Luc Harris finally announced to the world that he was Gay And Proud. my outing happened over 3 stages. and this is the exact message i had sent to my family on the finaly attempt to tell the world i was gay (Unedited for authenticity as I was a lot worse at grammar and spelling then)

hi… and once again i am writing to you for to long now i have been hideing who i am for to long i have been pretending to be someone that i am not, but not any longer i am fed up of hideing away the thing is im gay i know i have said this before but then lied about it but i am and i want you to respect who i am
it was about a week ago david came out and that was when i realised i had to come out and dont think im following david as i am not i have know i was gay for 5 years now
Well thats about all i just want to say please dont call me or contact me straight away i dont want to start lieing about it again if you dont beleve this is me my midlle name is jean-Luc my mums real name is julie ann hagan and my fb account is pritty much unhackable now 😉

I’ve made a few in detail posts about how i came out as gay bellow: