Li was up and in the shower this morning at 08:40. Li then was out of the shower and dressed by 09.00, Li then came downstairs and greeted staff before leaving the house at 09:05 to go to meet his business partner to discuss some business plans and have a coffee. Li was reminded by staff that his social worker was visiting him today at 14:00 and Li stated to staff that he knows and will be back in time. Staff ring Li at 11 :20 and tell Li that his social worker is coming at 13:00 instead of 14:00. Li then returned home at 12:30 and went into the lounge area and sat at his desk on his laptop working and getting his business plan together. Li’s social worker then arrived at the house to visit Li and they sat in the lounge chatting with the manager (See LH02 1 hour). Li’s social worker then left the house at 13.30 and Li continues on his laptop in the lounge for a short while before leaving the house at 14:15 to go to Margate. Li returned to the house at around 16:00, he chatted with staff before spending time on his laptop. Li left the house at 18:44 to visit his brother. Li returned at 19:40, he cooked himself a pizza and cleaned up after himself. Li spent the rest of the evening chatting with staff and on his laptop, he went up to his room at around 22:00