Li picked up at 1 am and was helped by staff and housemates to toad van. Was taken to starlings and introduced to staff member Jolene. Li and staff then unpacked and put all bits into his bedroom Li was taken through house rules and signed agreement and then had lunch. Chatted with staff about plans for future before going out to see his brother, telling staff he will be home in a few hours. Li returned home at 18:00 and greeted staff before going straight up to his room to start unpacking all of his belongings. Li then came downstairs and sat in the lounge with staff at 19:00 and was chatting to staff and staff asked how he was finding it and how he was settling in to his new placement (See LH01 1 hour). Li then continued to relax until telling staff he was quickly popping to the shop and staff asked if he was ok going on his own, he stated that he was fine and left the house at 20:40 and returned shortly afterwards at 20:55 and came into the office and grabbed his laptop and went into the lounge area and sat speaking to his friend from America via Skype. Li then spent time relaxing on his laptop before settling to his room for the evening at 21 :45 in a great frame of mind