Li was up and about at 10:20, he left the house at 10:25 to meet with friends. Key working was not completed this morning as Li had gone out. Li returned home at 16:30 and sat in the lounge with staff and told staff he went to visit his dad and spent some time with his brother too. Li went to his bed room at 16:30 talking to someone on his phone in his
bed room. Li came downstairs at 17:20 had dinner and went back to his room at 17:46. LI came to the lounge sat with staff at 19:25. Li was still in the lounge with staff relaxing at 20:00. Li phoned his brother and asked him if he can visit him and his brother asked Li to go to his flat and Li left the house at 20:25 to go to his brother’s flat. Li was back home at
22:15 and settled in his room at 22:30