Health And Development

Li Harris’s general health is good but he suffers from ADHD and, for this reason, sees Dr Nairac at Orchard House. He has been prescribed melatonin for insomnia but is managing without it at present. He eats and sleeps well in the foster home. Li suffers from enuresis and a referral was made to the enuresis clinic. Li also complains of headaches and this should be mentioned to the doctor at the LAC health assessment.

Emotional wellbeing, identity, self esteem, attachments

There area ongoing concerns about Li’s emotional wellbeing. He has just experienced considerable family upheaval and his distress has been reflected in his disturbed behaviour. Both Li and Brother have set fires and the carers are aware of the need for vigilance about this. Li needs some time to settle into his placement before further requests for therapeutic help are made.

Contact And Family

Li was very pleased to see his mother at this review and would like to have regular contact with her. Social Worker will arrange for one session of supervised contact a week initially, to take place after school. Mother will need to bring the twins and li’s older sister, with her. Social Worker explained that the contact needs to be supervised at this stage to ensure that boundaries are in place for Li. Li’s father will also be offered supervised contact. Li will see Brother when he sees his mother and sisters. Li is allowed telephone contact with his parents but his father has not so far taken this up.

Legal Matters

Brother and Li are currently accommodated under Section 20 of the Children Act 1989 but the Local Authority has instigated Care Proceedings in order to gain parental responsibility for both boys. Their names are still on the Child Protection Register.