After Li Jean-Luc Harris Was Discharged from the mental health hospital  it was agreed upon that he should move to Verona House in Herne Bay, Part of Pilgrims corner at the time. Li was very reluctant in this placement and would be very disruptive and dismissive. Li Discloses this was as he felt like he had all his freedoms still removed. he was not allowed a computer or phone. which made him feel very isolated. His Mental Health dose continue to get worse. with a few self harm incidents (Cutting his arms and punching walls) although Li Harris did learn how to manage his life without any medication during this period of time marking and end to what he refers to as a “A Medicated MessLi Jean-Luc Harris Was referred to a Redacted by author “The Thing” but declined to attend because he was too “Tired” sadly this was the last attempt made in Li’s time in care to resolve this issue. as you will see from future documentations. Li’s behaviours get worse and worse. to the point that Pilgrims corner was forced to put a 28 day notice on him. Li States, that if the circumstances where different and he was given more access to his technology. he believes this placement could have made a big impact to his life. but due to whatever reasons where in place. he was not allowed to do this and therefor he rebelled.