Inpatient –
Title:Night shift
Li remains nursed on 1:1 eye sight observation.
At the start of t he shift he was on the phone to the foster mum, mum ask to speak to a member of
staff, which was done. She wanted to know what the procedure for coming to visit the ward, she
was told and also told her because he is on sec2 of MHA and doesn’t have sec17 leave he would
not be allowed out this weekend to sit with them in the reception but rather they would have to
come in to the ward and also they would not be able to bring younger sibling with them as they
would also not be allowed on to the unit.
Li spend some time on the Xbox and later join peers in the lounge to watch TV.
He retires to bed at 2230 and was restless for a while before finally settle down to sleep at
0030am and slept through the night.
—————————–Confirmed By OOgunode@, 12/05/2012
Inpatient –
Title:Late Shift
Li appeared to euthymic in mood. He was observed mainly only to be interacting with staff. He
interacted minimally with his peers, but he has been around his peers. He ate adequately, and
attended groups. He reported to be feeling ‘okay’. He also reported feeling less anxious than he
used to be, as he has became more familiar with this place. He also attributed that he was trying
to see the positive side of things, which is helping with him settling in. He was praised for utilising
this strategy.
Staff did therapeutic assessment. Li identified reciprocal roles of being criticised and rejected, and
core pain of feeling attacked. Details of the diagram is in the careplan folder. Li also filled in a
‘hope box’, which contains things he enjoyed in the past, in the present and would like to enjoy in
the future. In addition, it contains things that he has achieved and would like to achieve.Li was
open throughout this 1:1.
—————————–Confirmed By HLee1@, 11/05/2012
Inpatient –
Title:Early shift
Li was sleep at the beginning of the shift. He complied with his medication and good dietary
intake observed. He continues to be nursed on a 1:1 eye sight observation and remains on sec 2.
Li attended and participated in ward activity and groups. No management issue during this shift.
—————————–Confirmed By [email protected], 11/05/2012
Other Title: Call from Li’s social worker. She is not able to attend Li’s CPA on 21st May. Asked if the
meeting can be moved to a few weeks later as she is very busy at the moment. Agreed that we
will talk with the social worker prior to the CPA and during if need be, as she was unable to
commit to joining us by phone for the whole meeting and I did not want to delay his CPA by two or
more weeks.
—————————-15 May 2012 16:53, Helen Wilde
Event By: Helen Wilde
Title: Managing Relationships group attended by Li today.
Themes included writing a job description for a parents of a teenager, ‘what would you do (if you
were a parent)?’ and ‘how to give a difficult message’ (to a parent).
Li contributed well and took part in activities. During the activity that considered ways of giving
difficult messages to parents he mentioned that he would not tell his father something as he was
likely to kick off. Li appeared to enjoy the group and encouraged others to take part.
—————————-11 May 2012 13:37, Helen Wilde
Event By: Helen Wilde