Inpatient –
Title:Night Shift
Li presented as tense at the beginning of the shift saying he found it too intrusive being on
eyesight observations. He said he did not understand the reasons for these observations and he
is used to a high level of privacy during which he can use his computer. He said he would
discharge himself as he is not detained, RChapman explained that Social services wanted him to
remain here, he expressed frustration wanting to know why he is being observed. It was
explained that this is to maintain his safety and to gain an understanding of his self harm, Li said
that he had not told anyone in the last three years and he would not now. RChapman explained
that we just want to ensure he doesn’t cause serious harm, Li said ‘I’m never going to be
examined or talk about it so it looks as if i’ll be here a long time’. Discussed possibility that he
might trust somebody. Li said I he was frustrated as he cant self harm while he’s watched and the
frustration means he would kick off and hit things. Li remained tense but polite throughout the
evening, he expressed frustration that staff remained with him when other YP were distressed
however he was compliant. He has had a restless night being awake until 01.30 and from 3-3.30.
No sign of self harm noted up to time of report.
—————————–Confirmed By RChapman@, 04/05/2012
Inpatient –
Title:Late Shift
Li has been nursed safely on 1:1 observations. He has been bright in mood for some of the
afternoon and playing games with staff and with some interactions with his peers, laughing and
—————————–Confirmed By LNorman@, 03/05/2012
Title: Li attended quiz group. He participated fully, choosing to work individually rather than in a
team with his peers. Li presented as well motivated during the quiz, engaged well with staff and
peers and appeared bright in mood.
—————————-04 May 2012 08:48, Chloe Still
Event By: Chloe Still
Inpatient –
Title:HIV status
For information, there is a note in the LA CIC review document dated 19.01.10 in
correspondence stating that Li is not HIV positive, a Dr Ullah.
—————————–Confirmed By RBanton@, 03/05/2012
Inpatient –
Title:Early shift + group notes
Li has been nursed on 1:1 eyesight observations. This morning he had not wet his bed but small
stains of blood were seen on his cloths. He presented as bright in mood,
chatting to staff. He stated that he did not like being on 1:1 and had not slept well with someone
sitting at his door all night. He attended group. Good food and fluid intake. At lunchtime, he put
his jumper over his head. He said that 1:1 was making him feel anxious and he wanted to go
Group notes
Li attended stress management. He stated that he was 7/10 and felt happy. He participated in the
group activity but minimally in the group discussion.
—————————–Confirmed By JMoon@, 03/05/2012