Ms Lawrence reported that she was asked to carry out a Language and Social Communication disorder Assessment for Li and discussed with Carol a lot of background information and there were significant behavioural issues. There were also concerns and reports coming from the school relating to David’s behaviour, Ms Lawrence said that she has a forensic background and the behaviours that were coming to light were of concern. Li had a history of fire setting, stealing food, there are reports from the school of Li threatening the other students, Li has been known to carry sticks an wave them around in a threatening manner, he has an interest in Osama Bin Laden, a fascination with bombing. There are also issues with Li’s inappropriate use of the internet, hacking into the schools computer and accessing inappropriate websites. Li was also from a very young age refusing to be medically examined due to infections *redacted “The Thing” . Ms Lawrence stated that she was unable to make a diagnosis due to his complex behavioural issues. Claire also queried a Psychiatric Assessment to be completed jointly with Dr Nairac. Katrina Moore, Social Worker advised that Ms Lawrence had bought a lot of Li’s behavioural issues together; she also stated that *redacted “The Thing” Ms Thomson said that she has had Li in her care for over 2 years and he was with his previous Foster Carer for 9 months and when Li arrived with her he was just beginning to become sore in his *redacted “The Thing”, and there was a terrible smell, Ms Thomson took Li to the hospital and he was given anti-biotics for an infection. Katrina advised that another appointment was booked for Li at the hospital; he had no issues going to the appointment, but as it came to the examination he would not allow it to go ahead and this has been every time he has been for an examination no
matter how may strategies that professionals have put in place. Katrina said that there was no indefinite pattern for Li’s bleeding, a professionals meeting was held in October 2010 and Katrina wished for Oaktree to be involved Unfortunately, due to Li not disclosing any history of sexual abuse against him, so they would consider their ability unable to work with Li. Katrina advised that she has spoken with Li regarding the bleeding *redacted “The Thing”, Li states that he wishes for the bleeding to stop, however he will not engage with any professionals or Carol as to why he does it. Katrina said that she has explored with her team leader Janet Knight the option recommended by the Community Paediatrician wished to try and gain an order that would allow Li to be examined under anaesthetic; however Ms Nerva stated that there is no such order. Ms Nerva asked how Li reacted when it came to him being examined.
Ms Thomson said that Li has allowed a swab to be taken from his groin area only
once, she said that one day Li was so poorly he could hardly walk and had a very high temperature, when it came to him being examined and he laid on on the table his heartbeat went out of control, Ms Thomson has fears that he may get blood poisoning if this carries on. Katrina raised the issue concerning Li’s behaviour; she stated he is a very . manipulative young man. Li was very angry with his brother David’s previous Foster Carers and they proceeded to post their details on internet sites, this resulted in Ms Muckely receiving junk mail and a lot of unwanted phone calls. When Katrina brought David and Li to the office they both denied it, when Katrina advised that this will be escalated to the Police, Li finally owned up, he had however created this bravado and had said that he had nothing to do with it initially. Within school it seems that Li gets paid to do dances in the playground which have been posted on Youtube, he is also known to have stolen a school laptop, he has also put his own details onto the internet and stated that he wishes for people to know where he lives and what school he goes to. Li also finds that mocking his brother’s new carers because they are gay is funny and repeatedly winds David up, Ms Thomson described Li to at times Li can be sadistic and callous with no regard for other peoples feelings.

Ms Thomson advised that she feels that although they are able to keep Li safe and the other children within the property, she does not feel that she can provide for his needs and feels that he needs to be cared for 24 hours a day. Ms Thomson said that day to day Li does not really interact with their family and spends most of his time in his bedroom on his computer.
Mr Thomson caught Li on the internet yesterday and he had gone a bought himself a dongle so he could access the internet. Ms Thomson stated that he is not allowed access due to the inappropriate things that he looks up, the language that he uses on social networking sites such as Facebook, she said if Li dislikes someone and can be very nasty and bitter towards them. Ms Thomson says that she has a great attachment to Li and he is a nice lad, she feels that he needs mothering as he has not been nurtured and loved. Ms Thomson said that sometimes Li really does know what he is doing, and she feels he needs to be looked after properly, she said that Dr Nairac just seems to have prescribed him tablets and he has been left.
Katrina advised that Li does not communicate or interact well with people and she can see the fear in Li and the vulnerable side to him, he does try but finds it very awkward. Katrina said that Li will communicate when he is ready to as he has shared in the past if there are things that he does not like. Darryl Saint Julian from the Oaktree asked Katrina what the background was of the family. Katrina advised that there was severe neglect of the children which were ongoing; the family was originally opened as Child in Need then escalated to Child
Protection. Mum and Dad had separated and there were incidents of Domestic
Violence. – however Li and David have never disclosed any sexual ·abuse against them.· Li and David lived with their father for a while before they were put in to care, the home environment
was poor and the children were found taking food out of the bins. Mr Harris has been in and out of the mental health hospital and suffers from depression


Darryl St Jullan has spokent with his senior managers and he is prepared to offer ms Thomson with direct support and would offer a consultation Li has talked about some parts of his life Katrina
advised that this was a big step forward for Li. Li is also very concerned about the girls being at home, Ms Thomson stated the Li has spoken about his siblings being
abused, but is adamant that her has never been sexually abused. Katrina advised that Li does not wish to have life story work and this has been offered to him on more than one occasion. Ms Thomson did state that Li is a nice lad, but can be very unpredictable and dangerous and she worries what will happen when he has to come out of Foster Care.

Li sees his mum every three weeks on her own, he also has contact with his Brother and his mum. There has been an issue about contact with Li’s younger siblings;
mum has also encouraged Li and David to work in a shop where they get sweets.

Li has reported to Katrina that contact with Mum is fine, however contact between Li and David is can be agitated mainly provoked by Li. and Ms Thomson stated that Li will always loose things; Li and David do go and see Mum when they are not supposed to. David has shouted at Li thinking that he told Social Services that they were seeing mum but Ms Thomson had informed David it was her. Katrina advised that they have had some issues with li’s father, Mr Harris always struggled with contact, but he would go out of his way to ensure that it went ahead. Supervised contact was set up the year before last; however Mr Harris received a text from Li asking if he was coming for contact, unfortunately Li wrote the text in
capital letters. Mr Harris was very upset by this text as felt like Li was shouting at him, he told Li off and stated that the text was disrespectful, Mr Harris was also
known to behave inappropriately around the children swearing at them. Ms Thomson reported that Li decided he no longer wished to have contact with his father, however the odd text gets sent and they do speak on Facebook, David and Li’s behaviour can be very much like their father’s.
Ms Anthony reported that she met Li in year 8 and worked with him for a year to provide extra support. Initially, Li came from Bromstone School with very limited information regarding his needs, so the school were unsuccessful in achieving a statement for him. Ms Anthony advised that it took two years to gather evidence to apply for a statement which was successful. Li has presented as a very complex child in school with clear difficulties around his challenging behaviour. Ms Anthony referred to the school chronology and incidents reports making reference to the incident with the stick. Ms Anthony stated that in the context of this incident Li was playing with the stick, there was a concern he may hit someone, but that he used it
as though he were a young child playing. Ms Downs stated that she feels Li is continuing to shut people out and it has become even more difficult to engage with Li. Ms Thomson and Katrina referred to Li’s behaviour during his PEP review as being such that he would only participate in discussion when it something he wanted to answer and frequently used the term “I
don’t know” when he did not want to answer. Ms Downs stated she they were , awaiting the Speech and Language assessment to help better support Li around his social communication needs. Subsequent to this meeting Ms Nerva sought advice from Paul Brightwell regarding concerns about Li’s interest in Osama Bin Laden and terrorism and whether this should be reported to the Police. Paul has responded and Ms Moore and Ms Nerva need to agree the way forward.
• Seek Psychiatric Advice from Dr Nairac ASAP.
• Ellington and Hereson School to progress Li’s statement.
• Network meetings to be held around Li and the carers to allow Li to be
re-parented this would be more beneficial than any therapeutic therapy.r