22 June 2005

Parents/Gurdians of Li Harris Class 3P

Dear Parents of Li Harris

I am writing to inform you of my decision to exclude Li Harris for one school day on Thursday 23rd June 2005. Li should return to school on Friday 24th June at 8.55a.m. This action has been taken for the following reasons:

Today Li was seen stealing a Mars bar from his teacher’s stock of treats, which she had purchased herself for the children to have rewards. He was also found to have a wrapper of another sweet, which was missing from her stock. In fact, the entire stock was missing. During the period of exclusion. Li should not come onto school premises and he is your responsibility. If you feel that the exclusion is unfair, you have the right to put your case to the Governing Body’s Discipline Committee. If you wish to do this, please contact Sally Brough, the Clerk, at the school address. Any written statement that you wish to make should be sent to the clerk by 29^” June 2005. You also have the right to see Li’s school record and you should contact Mrs Brough if you wish to do so. You may wish to contact the Exclusions Officer, Kent County Council, on 01227 284437, who can offer advice on the exclusion process. Support is also available from Partnership with Parents, a volunteer organisation to assist parents whose children have been excluded, and The Advisory Centre for Education (ACE). Partnership with Parents can be contacted on 01622 755515 and ACE on 020 7704 9822. Yours sincerely. John Viner Headteacher Exclusions Off icer Mr G.Channing, Chair of Governors